Medical Wearables for First-Aiders and More

For the 7th consecutive year WT | Wearable Technologies will be presenting the latest innovations and developments in the wearables market at MEDICA 2016. The show attracts more than 130,000 visitors and over 4,800 exhibitors. With more than 40 exhibitors from 15 different countries the WT | Wearable Technologies Show is as international and comprehensive as never before. This is the last article in our exhibitor presenting series, in which we would like to introduce the category of first-aiders and enabling tech/WT Ecosystem.

.Wearables for first-aiders

The company Spintower is a competence and solution center in the industrial and service-oriented environment. Their products and solutions are based on the needs of the leading companies in the industry and of course service & maintenance companies. They provide lean solutions which use the latest technologies including data encryption with know-how like D.A.R.V.I.N. It is the only portable professional video-assisted communication system which is ready for immediate operation without installation efforts and enables easy connection without the need of PC-knowledge.

Evena’s Dual Modality imaging products deliver informatics and truly wearable technology right at the bedside and point of care. Their revolutionary technology improves IV access success rates by incorporating Multispectral Light and apps based ultrasound onto a comfortable stylish head mounted see through display. Their Smart Glasses unit is battery-powered, offering the ultimate in portability and ease of use, with plenty of power for long shifts. All Evena products are appropriate for pre-hospital care, hospitals, outpatient surgery centers and wherever quick and accurate IV access is required.

Dysti Communications delivers know how, commitment and innovation in the field of wireless communication. Customized solutions, tailored products and holistic technology concepts represent their core business. Their customers benefit from the highest level of individualized service. Disty reacts quickly and flexibly to customer wishes. Skilled, creative and committed staff and the quality attribute “Made in Germany” are their recipe for success. On MEDICA 2016 the will be presenting their special emergency system called distyguard.

Enabling Tech / WT Ecosystem

Jenax has been continuously developing innovative products such as ultrafine wire, conductive yarns and cloths. In 2015, it introduced an advanced form of lithium ion battery, J.Flex as an acknowledgement of technological innovation. J.Flex is a revolutionary flexible lithium ion battery developed by Jenax. It can be bent, folded and even scrunched like paper. J.Flex is a perfect power solution for wearable devices as it meets the needs of devices with various forms and capacity. Jenax presents the new concept battery that can boost product’s creative design.

VARTA Microbattery is one of the world’s leading battery manufacturers. They develop and produce batteries for all major electrochemical systems and cell geometries. As a global system supplier, we are in a position to fulfill our customers’ requirements all over the world. VARTA’s Hydrogen gas generating cells contain many outstanding characteristics made in Germany. For displacement of any kind of liquids, gels, pastes and granules or for analytics or sensing with ultrapure H2, they are the right choice. VARTA worked up the industry’s first rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery in a coin cell form factor to offer the energy capacity required by small wireless consumer devices.

EBV Elektronik is the leading specialist in European semiconductor distribution. EBV maintains its successful strategy of personal commitment to customers and excellent services. With the EBVchips Program, EBV, together with its customers, defines and develops new semiconductor products. Targeted customers in selected growth markets will be supported by the Vertical Sales Segments. Warehouse operations, complete logistics solutions and value-added services such as programming, taping & reeling and laser marking are fulfilled by Avnet Logistics, EBV’s logistical backbone and Europe’s largest service centre.

Quanta Computer is a global leader in mobile computing revolution. It now continues to impact the transformation into cloud computing with the mission to enable more disruptive services and businesses with cloud-based solutions: Cloud solutions, connectivity, consisting of client. Quanta’s BU12 is committed to enhancing the quality of human life, developed the healthcare solution “QOCA” (Quanta Omni Cloud cAre). From hospital to home, all IoHT and healthcare cloud computing solutions support for big data applications and analysis, provide early warning signs, and can be used as an important indicator of healthcare management.

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