Moms Can Finally Relax

“Please, Mommy, please jump with us!” Do those words strike as much fear in your heart as they do in mine?  Sure, jumping around on the trampoline and bouncing up and down in those inflatable houses look like fun, but these days if I sneeze without my legs crossed I’m ready to sprint to the nearest bathroom. Sure, no one wants to talk about it, but after having kids not everything is exactly the same down there. It’s one thing to say you laughed so hard you nearly peed your pants, but no one wants to actually do it!

It turns out that there is a fantastic new gadget out there made just for women like us to help with this little issue. Carin brings together gorgeous designs and cutting edge technology to help women manage and monitor involuntary urine loss throughout the day.

Here’s how it works. First, you charge up the little sensor and sync it to your phone or tablet, just like all your other devices. Then you snap the small, rechargeable sensor inside the underwear. And by underwear, I don’t mean those granny panties that you save for days you know there is no chance of anyone catching you with your pants down. These are beautiful, sexy underwear. The kind that make you want to shave your legs first, if you know what I mean…

While you are wearing these amazing underwear you never have to worry about those little accidents you hoped were faded kindergarten memories. These gorgeous panties are super absorbent even though you would never know it by the look or feel of them. They also work with the sensor to track your pelvic floor health. Along with the underwear and the sensor, there is an app that takes you through a step-by-step exercise program set over two-week cycles to help you increase your core and pelvic floor strength. The app also allows you to see your progress and track your own urine loss data. This is incredible technology made just for women—it’s about time!

In case you are wondering, it’s not just me, a regular Mom, who thinks this is a great idea. In addition to being the perfect solution for women dealing privately with bladder control issues, Carin’s creation is also becoming an essential part of pelvic floor physiotherapy. Among a group of physiotherapists and trainers, Carin Ambassador Maeve Whelan uses Carin in her clinical practice. Coupling this system with medical therapies to strengthen the pelvic floor, physicians and therapists can better help women understand their bodies and successfully manage and resolve urine loss problems on their own or in a clinical setting. Find Maeve’s story and more at

The bottom line is no one wants to feel uncomfortable or limited whether they are playing with their kids or exercising at the gym. With Carin, those fears are behind you for good.

This text has been written by Rory Williamson and published by Spela Kosir.

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