Smart Rings, One Accessory Many Possibilities

Nowadays everybody no matters the gender they are is wearing rings. For fashion purposes or to show their love for someone in form of engagement or wedding rings. 6000 years ago people started to wear rings on 4th finger of left hand believing that vein is directly connected to the heart. Rings are not only for women and also not only a piece of jewelry incapable of doing nothing. Rings become intelligent pieces of technology with the purpose of tracking our daily activities and make our lives easier. But these are not the only use cases we found for rings, a while ago we also review the ring topic realizing all the different capabilities for it!

ORii is a communication smart ring. By simply touching your ear you can start talking and giving commands. The smart ring lets you listen to a phone call and talk to your voice assistant (such as Siri) just by placing your finger on your ear. Pair ORii with your smartphone and start making phone calls, Schedule a meeting or listening to text messages.  ORii might seem a little bit too big if you have tiny hands or fingers!

Bioring is a wellness tracker that improves your health and wellness by automatically measuring calorie intake, fat intake and consumption, sleep level, stress levels, daily activities, water intake, and heart rate.  BioRing wirelessly connects to the app for iOS or Android device. The app combines the extensive data received from the ring with a user-friendly and personal design, becoming your personal coach and delivering personalized and actionable recommendations. BioRing even vibrates when you have a notification from the app or your phone.

HB Ring is another fashionable and discreet ring which will let you feel the heartbeat of your beloved one right on your finger even if they are far away! See and feel the real-time heartbeat of your loved one heartbeat sensor, which is covered with sapphire glasses. Additionally, HB Ring is surrounded with a lighting stripe, which was custom developed, to give the closest visual representation of a heartbeat in a vein.

If you are no fan of rings as a fashion accessory or to show your love for that special person you probably are a fan of any tv show, and probably  you also enjoy watching it with your partner on a cozy lazy Sunday. Cornetto, yes the ice cream company, came up with the idea of streaming commitments rings that are meant to represent the same faithfulness that you would promise your partner (or partner in viewing crime). This means that you are promising not to watch the next episode of Game of Thrones or Narcos without your partner because we know you just sometimes can’t wait for the other person to come home and watch it together. The rings sync with the streaming service itself, making it so that a couple’s show of choice (which can be selected via app) can only be activated when both rings are together, ensuring that both parties are present. What’s more, the ring is designed to work with all of the most popular streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc.).

Now you have no excuses to not wear a ring either to show your love for someone, as a fashion statement or to not cheat your partner while he or she is not at home!

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