The Bright Future of IoT/M2M IWC Participants

Wow what a year it has been for the 5th IoT/M2M Innovation World Cup! The 2016/17 promotion tour has seen the team travel to Finland, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, the USA and Hong Kong, sharing the fantastic opportunities the Innovation World Cup series has to offer. We have received exciting submissions already and are really looking forward to sharing them with everyone at the Pitch and Awards Ceremony to be held during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next March.

As the competition draws to a close, we want to share one of our success stories from last year’s IoT/M2M Innovation World Cup. MYXYTY were awarded the top prize in the 2015/16 Connected Home category with their product MyxyPod. The MyxyPod is a stylish smart home speaker that solves all your smart home needs from security to complete home automation. With a simple voice command, you can ask your MyxyPod to open the shutters, reduce the heat, stream music, create a wellness lighting atmosphere adjusted to the current music, or diffuse a pleasant fragrance. The best part is that you can customise your MyxyPod to suit your needs by choosing the features that you need the most. We think it’s a pretty great IoT solution, and so have a number of other organisations…

The past year has seen MYXYTY gain an impressive number of opportunities and awards. Beginning with their success as the IoT/M2M Innovation World Cup 2015/16 Connected Home category award, they won first prize in the French IoT program and have been selected to participate at the French IoT Academy 2017. They have been working hard on their next iteration of the product and are set to unveil their new tech at CES 2017. We are proud to have introduced this innovative connected home solution to the world stage through the Innovation World Cup series. We encourage you to follow the success of this up and coming company through their website and find out more by watching a video showcasing the MyxyPod here.

Want to enter the IoT/M2M Innovation World cup 2016/17? There’s still time but you will need to be quick! Submissions to the 2016/17 competition close on November 11th, 11:59pm EST. Participation is free and it’s really easy, just register your entry here. We are looking forward to helping you get your innovative solution off to a flying start!

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