by My Nguyen

November 15, 2016

Wearables Rescue People With Motion Sickness

WT | Wearable Technologies has good news for people who have been suffering from motion sickness. You don’t need to live with the revolting feeling of nausea, dizziness and unevenness anymore. You don’t believe in what we are telling you. Look down below.

MotionCure developed by Sidis labs is a big thing for people who suffer from motion sickness. It is a neck brace that looks like a cross between cervical collar worn after a whiplash injury and airplane travel pillow. It alleviates motion sickness symptoms through both pulsation technology and magnetics. A series of pulses are transmitted to the brain through both the median nerve at the back of the neck and the inner ear’s vestibular which gives your brain a sense of motion, equilibrium and spatial orientation. The customized frequencies sent to the body and brain help reduce symptoms of motion sickness. Additionally, the MotionCure addresses motion sickness by creating a negative magnetic field that surrounds the neck and the base of the brain where motion sickness-related signals are first intercepted.

Relief Band
Relief Band is a solution for motion sickness which is clinically proven. The technology is technically known as neuromodulation, which uses neural pathways in the body to block the waves of nausea coming from the stomach. Neuromodulation generates signals that go to the user’s central nervous system to the part of the brain responsible for the feeling of nausea. The neural pathways between the brain and the stomach is controlled to relieve the feeling of nausea. One more thing, to use the Relief Band, you first need to find the area between the two tendons on your wrist, then measure two finger lengths from the first crease in you wrist. When you fasten the Relief Band with its strap, you will be in control of your nausea levels.

There are only a few wearables that help with nausea among the wearables market at the moment. However, along with these two solutions above, WT | Wearable Technologies hopes to rescue you from motion sickness whenever you travel. Enjoy your journey!