Christmas Wishlist: Wearable Devices

Christmas is right around the corner. Are you stuck in finding the most suitable gift for each family member? WT | Wearable Technologies has great gift ideas for your loved ones. Let’s get started!

For your Grandparents
You may think that your grandparents don’t need a wearable because they are not really familiar with technology these days. Most seniors don’t even use a smartphone either. Therefore, UnaliWear– a smart watch in traditional design is great for that reason. There are no buttons to press, your granny just has to speak to the device. It can be a medication reminders, fall detectors and emergency assistant.

Is it a good idea to take care for your grannies although when you are far away from them?

For your Mom
How about a new bag for your mom? Not the normal one, but an in-vogue purse capable of charging a smartphone. We recommend you an Everpurse. It can fulfil both by storing beauty products and charging her phone to provide nearly double the battery life. There are many lines of bag available for you to choose.

For your dad
Pebble Time Steel’s design will for sure satisfy your dad. The premium materials and polished detailing makes it look and feel great on his wrist. Moreover, it can track his steps, sleep and give him personalized insights with a long battery life up to 10 days.

For your brother
Almost everyone used to deal with tangled or often lost headphones. So does your brother. Help your brother to kick those annoying headphones to the curb with Helix Cuff. It’s the world’s first smart wearable with built-in Bluetooth headphones.

For your sister
What do you think of a smart scale to help your sister stay on track such as Fitbit Aria? It of course can track her weight as a traditional scale. Besides, it can track body mass index, lean mass and body fat percentage. Additionally, the scale recognizes up to eight users and keep individual result private. So your family can also use the scale together.

For your kids
This is perfect present for your children. It allows kids to make and receive calls. With the FiLIP app, you are able to choose the five phone numbers that your child can call and receive from. He or she can scroll through those five trusted contacts and call the one with the touch of a button.

We wish you a fancy and warm holiday with your loved one!

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