NeoCare is the world’s first baby monitor with pulse oximetry, a technology that is normally only used in modern hospitals to measure the baby’s heart rate and blood oxygen saturation.
NeoCare consists of an ankle band for the baby, a base station set up in the nursery and an app installed on the parents’ mobile device.  All the pulse and oxygen data is transmitted from the ankle band via Bluetooth to the base station or directly to the parents’ smartphone. The connection to the NeoCare cloud is established automatically if the parents happen to be in another room, outside the house, at work or elsewhere. The parents can use this connection to see whether their child is awake, for example, and to receive a notification if there is any abnormality in the child’s pulse or breathing day and night. On top of this, the NeoCare app tells parents how often and when their baby sleeps in order to make sure that the little one gets the right amount of sleep. If you want to learn more about NeoCare they will be exhibiting at the WT | Wearable Technologies Conference Europe 7-8 Feb, in Munich!.

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