Sweet Valentine…

Today is the 14th of February, the official “love” day, or for some just another Tuesday. For the ones who are celebrating Valentines, we encourage you to be different and original rather than giving flowers and chocolate to your beloved one. Since we are already in 2017 why not give something techie or even futuristic.

If you are into very cheesy and geeky stuff we “highly” recommend you this set of hearts. All you need is to buy this set of 8-Bit Dynamic Life Pins, keep one for yourself and gift one to your beloved one (dogs allowed too). When you’re not together, a single heart will blink on each of your badges but when you get closer to each other the hearts on both of your badges light up to the maximum! Cool huh? Now you can let everybody know the love you have for that special person and that special person for you as well.

Now that we broke the ice with the LED pins, it is time to spice things up! Lovely is a “love” toy designed for couples. Lovely sits tight on a base of the penis and monitors your body movements during sex. Thanks to its profiled, stretchy shape and vibrations, Lovely provides direct clitoral stimulation. It also traps the blood inside of the penis, resulting in a stronger and longer lasting erection, meaning Lovely has advantages for both sexes. The monitored data extracted from the body movements is used to provide you and your partner with highly personalized tips and ideas that make your sex life even better. It is like having your own personal coach!

If you want something useful that will make the other person happy, Amazfit for him and for her is our tip! Amazfit comes is 3 different models, the Pace, the Arc and Equator. The Pace is a GPS-enabled running watch. The onboard music storage allows for phone-free running while tracking metrics like pace, cadence, distance, time, heart rate and more. Receive notifications for incoming calls, messages, emails and other apps. The Equator bracelet tracks your activity, calories burned, and sleep. Program the wristband with gentle vibrations for incoming calls and alarms. For him or for her Amazfit has you covered!

For those in a long distance relationship….what can you do? Besides being used to Skype and Whatsapp on your lonely weekends, the HB Ring will “let you feel” the love of that person who is far away. By simply tapping your ring the other person will see and feel your real-time heartbeat. As long as you have data connection the ring will be able to send the heartbeat and when the real-time heartbeat is not available, HB Ring will show you the last recorded heartbeat.

To wrap things up another cheesy yet original gadget. The LoveBox coming of course from what people say is the most romantic country in the world…France. The LoveBox is a connected wooden box that will make your partner melt. And why is it so? Because you can directly send romantic messages to your lover. You only need to write your message in an app on your smartphone and the heart spins on the box until you discover his/her sweet words.

Whether you are in a long distance relationship, or you live together with that special person you have no excuse not to give something to your partner! If you are the ones who don’t care about Valentine’s day then just hang in there a bit more until this day is over.