WT Innovation World Cup 2017 – Interview with Linh Le, Bonbouton

Winner WT | Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup 2017 – category Smart Clothing

Bonbouton is the winner of our Smart Clothing category of the 2017 the WT | Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup. With smart clothes powered by graphene sensors, monitoring personal health has never been so confortable and non-obstrusive! Therefore, graphene technology is a perfect match for sensors: flexible and thin. In addition, graphene has a wide range of potential applications from energy storage to nanotechnology.

Discover Bonbouton’s smart clothes powered by graphene sensor in this video!

Now, nearly two months after the award ceremony, Linh Le, CEO and co-founder of Bonbouton, shares with us how significant this award was to the US based company:


  • How does it feel to be the winner of the Smart Clothing category of the WT | Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup?

It was such an honor to win the Special Prize Smart Clothing in the 2017 WT | Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup. We had many great opportunities to network with potential partners especially in the Europe region just by featuring on the WT website, winning the Special Prize. At the same, the founding team was excited to see that the hard work in both technology and commercial development over the past year has been recognized by such a prestigious organization.

  • How will Smart clothes change our lives? Promote your product in 3 lines.

Smart clothes will definitely change how people think about clothing. Throughout history, clothes have transformed in functionality from protecting people from harsh weather, to expressing a person’s feelings via fashion. In the near future, clothes will act as the natural physical interface of the body to measure vital signs. At Boubouton, we’re highly motivated by this long term vision and we’re taking necessary steps to develop the product in each and every application so it can gain traction in the market.

  • Would you recommend other companies take part in the Innovation World Cup? If so, why?

I strongly recommend every startup company to take advantage of this great opportunity to validate their business model through the WT customer and partner network. For us, we now have a great opportunity to be involved in co-located WT conferences from Asia to US and Europe. This said, we think that startup companies should think about global strategy early on in the process.

  • What are the next important milestones for your product?

Currently we are focusing on developing our first product of a smart textile for medical usage. The first application we are looking into is for the prevention of diabetic complications by monitoring foot health. We’re in the middle of pilot studies with several hospitals and we hope to get the first product on the market as soon as mid 2018.


More information about Bonbouton on this website.
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