The WT | Wearable Technologies Picnic is Back!

Warm weather is coming and with it a new edition of our WT | Picnic! For the 4th time, this gathering of tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs is taking place during the whole month of May in your local community.

The WT | Picnic in an informal and fun gathering for everyone interested in wearable technologies, organized by local WT partners.

This sounds interesting to you? Munich (Germany) and L.A (USA) have already their locations for the picnic! Register now to learn about the latest innovations in your city.

Interested in organizing one on your own? It is easy! Read the organizer’s duties or reach out to us for more info.

If you are still not sure about the whole picnic concept and are wondering what is it,  you can see here some impressions from last year’s picnic.

See you in your local community!