Women Deserve Smarter Technology That Gives Them the Freedom to Live Happier and Healthier Lives

Kegel training is perhaps not a glamourous topic, but it can help a lot to prevent unpleasant health conditions. We are happy to welcome Elvie at the WT | Wearable Technologies joint pavilion at MEDICA in Düsseldorf on November 13-16. Tania Boler, Co-Founder and CEO at Chiaro, explained why and how pelvic floor muscle training can have a positive impact on women’s health.

1) Can you shortly explain Elvie is about?

I launched Elvie, a cutting-edge women’s health and lifestyle brand creating innovative products that support and empower women of all ages in 2013 with Alex Asseily of Jawbone. Women deserve smarter technology that gives them the freedom to live happier and healthier lives. We specialise in ‘connected devices’ that are designed by women, for women.

Elvie’s first product, the category-defining kegel trainer, launched in 2015. Since then, it has won numerous design and innovation awards, and become a fast favorite of women, celebrities, and health professionals around the world.

2) Who should do Kegel training?

Practicing regular Kegel exercises helps strengthen pelvic floor muscles by developing long-lasting core strength from the inside out, building control, reducing lower back pain and even improving sexual sensation. So there it is something that every woman can benefit from!

One in three women experience pelvic floor issues as a result of pregnancy and childbirth, aging, high-impact sport or genetics – these challenges can affect women of all ages. Bladder control issues may not be glamorous but it is surprisingly common and can improve with regular exercise of the pelvic floor. Women with back problems often discover that they actually need to work on their pelvic floor muscles as all the core muscles work in tandem. In addition, a strong pelvic floor can help women to prepare their body for the additional baby weight during pregnancy and can help them to bounce back post-partum.

The problem is that most women don’t think about it until they are pregnant or beginning to experience health problems. While there is lots that can be done to strengthen a weak pelvic floor, prevention is the best course of action. Elvie is changing the conversation around womanhood and opening up typically taboo women’s issues. By starting a dialogue women are given the opportunity to understand their bodies better and become more aware of the importance of pelvic floor health and how they can maintain it throughout their lives.

3) How does it work?

Elvie’s award-winning kegel trainer is a small pebble-shaped pod that connects to an app via bluetooth. Using groundbreaking biofeedback the device guides women through fun, five minute workouts to build core strength, better control and even heightened sexual pleasure.  As you squeeze your pelvic floor muscles a gem on the app lifts. The stronger your squeeze, the higher the gem lifts. A system of force and motion sensors can also detect the form of contraction and alert the user if she’s exercising incorrectly.

4) Why is Elvie the best choice for pelvic floor training?

What sets Elvie’s kegel trainer apart is its unique combination of the best in medical technology with innovative design that appeals to women. The real-time biofeedback helps users to visualise an otherwise hidden muscle while the LV scoring system and tracking helps women stay motivated and see progress. Unlike any of our competitors, Elvie uses breakthrough technology to detect if you’re exercising incorrectly and helps you get it right.

Our data scientists are continuously working with our developers and health researchers to improve the app’s functionality so that our users can continue to get the most out of it. Improvements are made based on survey feedback from users, as well as insights that we gather from user behaviour and engagement patterns.

When developing the kegel trainer comfort was a key issue for the 150 women that trialed the product. Some other products on the market had hard edges which hurt when being inserted or taken out. Elvie’s kegel trainer has no edges and has a dip at the end to help with insertion. There are two sizes so that women can choose the size that fits them.

We also knew safety was really important as some exercise trainer have had waterproof problems, which is why our kegel trainer is fully waterproof with has no buttons or exposed parts and wirelessly charges in it’s case.

5) Do you have some cool new products in the pipeline? Can you give us a sneak peek?

We’re excited to launch our next product, another disruptive connected health and lifestyle product for women, in early 2018 and we plan to have four products on the market by 2020.

From pregnancy and childbirth to periods and menopause, being a woman is an extraordinary journey but much of the technology available to women isn’t tailored to our unique needs. Which is why we create products that change women’s lives for the better.

Ultimately, the vision is for Elvie to be the global hub for connected health and lifestyle products for women.

6) What is your favorite wearable device (besides your own) and why?

I’m excited about doppel which is due to launch this summer. The arm band creates a rhythmic pulse on the inside of your wrist that we naturally entrain to, so it can be used to make you feel more alert or calm you down. It’s a unique concept and a device that could have a meaningful impact on lots of people’s lives.

We warmly invite you to visit Chiaro / Elvie at the WT | Wearable Technologies joint pavilion at MEDICA in Düsseldorf on November 13-16 in hall 15.