Enabling Tech – Smart Sensor Solutions for Mobile Devices

The following companies will exhibit at the WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2017 in San Francisco on July 25-26 and demonstrate their smart sensor solutions to you.

Making your life easier, safer and smarter at the same time: AiQ Smart Clothing is considered a pioneer in the Smart Clothes industry. By taking a unique architectural approach, AiQ is working to accelerate the development of a wide variety of smart clothes focused at different slices of human life – play, work, entertain & stay healthy. They believe that clothes are the universal wearables and making them smarter to enrich everyday experiences is a natural progression of technology.

Have you ever thought of what we can learn from our sweat? HFT SmartSensors is a start-up company that provides textile-based sensors for sweat analysis. It is particularly focused in performance optimization in professional athletes. The technology allows real time monitoring of crucial biological parameters like: hydration, sweat rate, saline concentrations, and moreover biomolecules like: glucose, lactate, adrenaline.

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors specializes in quality opto components and advanced semiconductor technology for lighting, sensor and visualization applications. For more than 40 years, OSRAM OS has been a world leader in providing superior solutions that take innovation to new limits.  In addition to basic semiconductor technologies, they develop individual customer applications in markets from general illumination to automotive or consumer electronics.

Changing the face of wearable technology, fitness, health, and VR/AR – StretchSense empowers you to capture data and energy from human body motion. The company is a global supplier of soft, stretchy sensors and generators and provides unobtrusive sensing, seamless integration, and trusted support.

Valencell develops performance biometric sensor technology and provides this patent-protected technology to consumer electronics manufacturers, wearable and hearable device makers, sports and fitness brands, medical device makers, and gaming companies for integration into their products. Valencell’s technology is used by market leaders such as Bose, Suunto, Jabra, Sony, LG, and many more.

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