Realize Your Vision With Enabling Tech

Do you have an idea for a wearable device and are looking for a smart material supplier, a long-lasting battery or the right hard- and software for signal processing? Then you should not miss the chance to talk to the following enabling tech exhibitors at the WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2017 USA in San Francisco on July 25-26.

Micro molding is the solution used by many medical device OEMs to achieve the precision required by their products or applications. Accumold is a high-tech manufacturer of precision micro-molded plastic parts and components for markets that include micro-electronics, medical and micro-optic applications. Processes include: insert molding, clean room molding and 2-shot molding. Materials include: PEEK, Ultem, and LCP.

As the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of advanced batteries, Alium Batteries continually devotes their resources and efforts to developing higher performing & critically reliable rechargeable batteries for wearable electronics, medical, portable electronics and industrial application. Based on advanced technology, stringent quality control, and cost competitiveness, they offer a wide range of quality batteries to meet customers’ ever-growing demands for higher performance, higher energy density, safer, lighter weight and longer cycle life.

Focused on generating value for a sustainable world CSEM is a research and technology organization specializing in microtechnology, nanotechnology, microelectronics, system engineering, photovoltaics and communications technologies. Their aim is to manage and foster innovation to convert groundbreaking basic research into advanced processes, leading to innovative products and helping industry and society prepare for the future. CSEM will also celebrate the 50th anniversary of the digital watch at the WT | Wearable Technologies Conference in SF. Do not miss their panel discussion on July 25.

Making things alive with RoweBots: They offer single stop products and services for Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) communications for extremely small wearable devices and for a broad set of other embedded applications. RoweBots provides one stop shopping for lean product development of wearable devices using WearableOS. WearableOS is a special packaging of Unison RTOS tailored to low power MCUs and MPUs, sensors and displays making it ideally suited to develop wearables. Using lean product development techniques with WearableOS and RoweBots services minimizes time to market and product development costs.

From prototype to large-scale production: VARTA Microbattery is one of the world’s leading battery manufacturers. With production facilities and sales subsidiaries worldwide, they supply high-quality battery products to their customers in more than 100 countries around the world. They develop and produce batteries for all major electrochemical systems and cell geometries. The range of applications encompasses everything from micro battery-powered automotive applications, computers, cell phones and medical equipment to measuring and security systems. They manufacture prototypes or large series of batteries, as standard versions or tailored to customer specifications.

More exciting companies exhibiting at our conference will be introduced soon. Don’t miss the chance to meet our exhibitors in person and sign up now!