The Wider Wearable Tech Ecosystem – a holistic view on a product’s life cycle

A successful wearable device is not only defined by its’ hardware. You need a good user interface for an optimized customer experience. You have to run tests to make sure that the materials do not cause allergies on your clients’ skin. You may need a strong partner to support you with advertising or consulting. You want a good retailer for your product and an experienced ODM to build your product. That is why WT brings together the entire ecosystem of wearable tech. We connect customers from the entire value chain to foster the market. You can find some of our partners from the wider WT ecosystem in our exhibition area at the WT | Wearable Technologies Conference in San Francisco on July 25-26. You should definitely not miss talking to them.

ASE Group is the world’s largest provider of outsourced semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT) manufacturing services. They offer design manufacturing services for IC packaging, design and production of interconnect materials, front-end engineering test, wafer probing and final test and further electronic manufacturing services through their subsidiary company USI, so all stages of the semiconductor manufacturing process (besides wafer fabrication) and offer ideal solutions for the faster, smarter, portable and integrated electronic products.

You are looking for someone to guide you through today’s increasing quagmire of battery-related safety regulations? Mobile Power Solutions is a battery testing laboratory specializing in custom R&D testing, flame testing, failure and chemical analysis, and regulatory compliance testing. They are committed to maintaining the highest level of accuracy, timely service, and affordability.

Making health & wellness an effortless part of daily life: The Personal Connected Health Alliance / PCHAlliance is a non-profit organization formed by HIMSS that believes health is personal and extends beyond healthcare. The alliance mobilizes a coalition of stakeholders to realize the full potential of personal connected health. PCHAlliance members are a vibrant ecosystem of technology and life sciences industry icons and innovative, early stage companies along with governments, academic institutions, and associations from around the world.

A call-back can be disastrous for a company of any size. If you want to make sure that every single part in your wearable device works the way it should without any unexpected and undesirable side effects, have a look at TÜV SÜD’s certification and testing services. Founded in 1866, the company has specialized in testing, inspection, auditing, certification, training, and knowledge services. Together with WT | Wearable Technologies, we created the TÜV SÜD WT mark for wearable products which makes and keeps you and your customers happy. With 800 locations and 24,000 employees, TÜV SÜD has an office nearby.

With over 13 years of successful competitions, the Innovation World Cup Series is the most established open innovation platform worldwide. They discover emerging applications, solutions, and investment opportunities in new industries with massive growth potential. The IoT / WT Innovation World Cup is the worldwide leading innovation competition in the area of wearable technologies.

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