Disease Management Made Easy

Chronic diseases affect patients in their daily life and often influence their independence. Asthma for example is very common in our population today and requires being attentive all the time. Luckily we live in the year 2018 and there are several useful tools out there that can help give patients back their independence. A tool to understand and monitor asthma attacks more easily might be a solution for the 300 million people globally suffering from asthma. Health Care Originals has developed a smart patch called ADAMM. It is a three-part solution: a wearable to detect precursor symptoms of asthma, a smartphone app, and a web portal to detect the treatment efficacy. The device and the app will be able to alert the wearer when experiencing an asthma situation, journaling, treatment plans, displays, and tracking and information on treatment of the symptoms.

The number of people suffering from chronic mental health problems is also growing; especially depression is a common issue. South Korean tech startup Ybrain came up with a new medical device to treat mental diseases at home. The MINDD wearable headband is a non-invasive neuromodulation system for depression treatment to improve a patient’s mental health. The headband uses transcranial direct current stimulation to deliver a stream of electricity to the frontal lobe, a specific brain area. As soon as the electric waves are passing the area where decreased activity is associated with depression, users feel a tingling. The device can be connected to a smartphone app for sleep logging, exercise and medical treatment.

Epilepsy is a brain disorder that causes people to have recurring seizures. There is no cure for epilepsy but the threats can be at least reduced by using wearable devices. Empatica´s Embrace Watch is a clinical quality device to monitor and better understand your behavior. It monitors seizures, sleep and physical activity and helps to analyze and predict events of epilepsy patients.

Another wearable for early detection and management of epilepsy that helps patients to analyze and predict seizures comes with TJay, designed by TerraBlue XT. TJay is a smart glove capable of sensing electrical signals from the wearer’s body, keeping track of health status day and night.

A tool to help first aiders to find the right blood vessel within seconds is Evena Medical´s Eyes-On-Glasses. The company built the first wearable point-of-care ultrasonic system for vascular viewing.

All of these devices can help people living a better life, if the diseases can be cured or not – we should not give them the chance to control our lives.

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