Activity and Vital Sign Monitoring for Medical Purposes

Our physical health is often suffering from todays stressful, demanding and fast-paced lifestyle. It is therefore all the more important to take care of your body and preventively monitor your health conditions. There is a number of exciting companies who encourage wearers living a healthier life with products. You can meet all of them at this year’s WT | Wearable Technologies Show 2017 MEDICA.

People suffering from hypertension know how important it is to monitor your blood pressure accurately. Accurate Meditech provides a lightweight cell phone case that reads blood pressure and heart rate vitals and provides continuous monitoring, called AccuRate. It can track early warning signs and long-term progress of hypertension.

Specializing in big data, Alive Sciences has created the patented, first-of-its kind, early-warning system „Rothman Index“, a score representing a user’s overall condition at the moment and presented graphically as a number between 100 (best) and 0 almost in real time. The device enables the wearer or caregivers to visualize changes at a glance.

Digital health company Biovotion provides sophisticated, medical-grade and wearable health monitoring solutions. Its vital sign monitoring platform allows 24/7 monitoring at a quality on a par with hospital-based systems and with the convenience and ease-of-use of a consumer product. The platform incorporates the latest physiological sensing and communication technology and state-of-the-art cyber security and privacy standards. The platform connects hospital-based and home-based care, allowing for a seamless monitoring of post-intervention and chronically ill patients.

CSEM is a research and technology organization specializing in micro technology, nanotechnology, microelectronics, system engineering, photovoltaics and communications technologies. At the WT | Wearable Technologies Show 2017 MEDICA they will show high-end technologies for vital sign monitoring that can be integrated in any wearable device.

Founded in 1985, the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS is one of the world’s leading application-oriented research institutions for microelectronic and IT system solutions and services. The Institute presents smart sensors, integrated circuits and software solutions focusing on wearable technologies in the healthcare segment. 

MEDISANA is one of the leading healthcare specialists to operate in the home health care market and work continuously to develop, manufacture and market healthcare products for the end user – so that these products can help ever more people to monitor their own state of health independently and conscientiously, to treat themselves without risk and to practice beauty care professionally. At At the WT | Wearable Technologies Show 2017 MEDICA they will ensure the perfect wellness experience with a VR / AR headset and massage chair.

By integrating textiles, electronics and biomedical technologies, Ming Young Biomedical has launched a series of avant-garde wearable textile sensors used for measuring vital signs such as ECG, respiratory ratio, body temperature, sweatiness, gait, heart sound etc. The sensors are connected to compact control boxes, transmitting the signals to a smartphone, tablet or computer via Bluetooth.

Rooti Labs develops biosensors that allow the wearer to find out more about their current health condition. The preventive medicine products W/Me2 wristband, SleepRX, and CardioPad. W/Me2 not only tracks activity but also provides a relaxation program with breathing exercises. The SleepRX monitors the quality of your sleep and CardioPad is a portable blood pressure monitor, able to detect cardiac fibrillation.

Leading research and technology company VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland presents an overview on the potential of high-volume printing technologies for sensors in healthcare and wearable technology applications based on examples of current R&D work in printed and hybrid electronics.

XYZlife provides around-the-clock healthcare solutions for the aging population. With their BCX smart clothing series, XYZlife presents a holistic lifestyle management tool that monitors and analyzes heart activity. It manages exercise stress levels and provides personal training programs. Another product of XYZlife is the BC1 wearable patch for long-term ECG monitoring.

Don´t miss out to meet these exciting exhibitors in person and visit us at MEDICA in Hall 15 Booth 23!