Forge Ahead – 5 Products For A Fit Body

Tired of asking yourself how you can unleash your full potential? Easily get support from these cool wearable devices to monitor your performance and reach your training goals. Get to know more about them at our WT | Wearable Technologies Show 2017 MEDICA!

LifeVit offers an all-in-one system for a healthy life, consisting of a blood pressure monitor, a fitness tracker and an app compatible to any device. This single platform enables you to diagnose, prevent, manage and monitor your vital signs. You can store your data and check your history and statistics, share your information with your family and doctors and set warning alarms in case a value is out of the ordinary.

PulseOn´s wearable wrist device supports health care professionals with an affordable and easy to use option for long term screening and monitoring of atrial fibrillation and sleep apnea. Their algorithms provide accurate optical beat-to-beat heart rate measurement and reliable analysis for detection of arrhythmias.

The technology integrated in Myontec Mbody measures the electrical activity of the muscles (EMG, electromyography). Mbody is the first product to utilise this technology in real-time sports performance analysis, regardless of the environment or the type of sport. The technology is validated at scientific level, tested, proven and used by top level sports institutions & universities from around the world. Myontec Mbody helps everyday sport enthusiasts understanding their human machine and performing at the top of the game.

OXY4 focuses on non-invasive performance monitoring in real-time. The OXY DR2 set serves for measurement and analysis of SmO2, THI, pulse rate, pulse index and PRV parameters by means of NIRS/VIS methods. In comprehensive sports medical performance diagnostics it enables threshold analysis and deriving recommendations regarding training schedules, intensities as well as performance monitoring and documentation. The hardware consists of a sensor directly located on the skin above the working muscles so that OXY DR2 can be used both in laboratories and in ongoing training.

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment is a professional-grade coaching tool for health and wellness checks. Firstbeat´s unique heart rate variability analysis reveals how the body reacts to daily life 24h. Connect the dots between lifestyle and well-being to identify the steps towards a healthier, happier, more productive life.