Delight Your Beloved Ones with Wearables for Christmas

It´s that time of the year again! While enjoying gingerbread and mulled wine there´s always the same question – how do I find the right Christmas gifts for my beloved ones?! To help you out we gathered some wearables for every single member of your family. Happy shopping! 🙂 

For Her

Motiv Ring is a stylish, lightweight and waterproof ring that measures all the metrics you care about – activity, heart rate and sleep. It blends seamlessly into your daily routine and provides a holistic look into your wellness. Unlike other fitness trackers that need to be charged daily, the Motiv Ring battery life typically last three days and is comfortable enough to sleep in. Find your perfect fit with their home try-on, and choose your size from their sizing set. The Motiv Ring comes in two colors, rose gold and slate grey.

Price: $199

For Him

We want music to be with us at all times. Wouldn´t it be nice to be present with your music as well as your surroundings?! Bose has developed a hands and ears free wearable speaker to offer both convenience and connection. It rests comfortably on your shoulders, with sound that is full and clear to you thanks to waveguide technology at its core — yet minimizes the sound for others. Definitely a nice surprise for Christmas.

You can buy it here. Price: $299

For Mothers

In our every day lives we spend most of the time indoors. The lack of sunlight, dimmed rooms and poor-quality lighting have harmful effect on our well-being. Staying in a healthy balance is therefore difficult but the LYS light tracking wearable helps getting your sleep-wake cycle back in sync with nature. It takes care of your circadian rhythm and measures the spectral composition and intensity of your surrounding light to generate accurate feedback on how the surrounding light affects you in your everyday environments. Help your mom to fall asleep faster, wake up more refreshed, feel energised and boost concentration by measuring her light diet with LYS.

Price: £75

For Fathers

Falling asleep faster is nevertheless hardly possible if your husband keeps snoring throughout the night. But luckily there is a solution here, too. came up with a wearable to diagnose snoring and tooth grinding with your phone. About 70% of all people only snore when they sleep on their back. Moving to your side opens the airway. The app detects snoring sounds and sends a signal to the wearable device, making it vibrate. You turn over to your side and the snoring stops. A good night´s rest to all fathers AND mothers!

Price: €99.95

For Kids

You want to stay in touch with your kids all the time without the drawback of them having a phone? Then the Kiddoo Smartwatch is the perfect gift for your children. It can be connected to your smartphone via the Kiddoo app and you can easily communicate with your kid over voice calling or messaging. The watch uses a combination of GPS, WiFi and mobile networks to give you a precise location and notify you when your child leaves a safety zone you have set. No more cold sweats when your kids are on their way to school or biking around.

You can buy it here. Price: €90,35

For Grandparents

The Lively Wearable prepares your grandparents for any situation if they are ever feeling unwell and need assistance right away. Only one push of the button and they will be connected through their smartphone to 5Star Agents who can send help and notify family members immediately. The wristband even counts your steps to track your activity and is able to detect falls and call for help. The device is affordable and very easy to use for seniors.

You can buy it here. Price: $49.99 + $14.99 monthly plan and activation

The whole WT | Wearable Technologies Team wishes you and your family a quiet and peaceful Christmas time!