Stay Up-to-Date with the Newest Pregnancy Wearables

Being aware of your fertility and the dates of your ovulation can be helpful to either prevent or encourage pregnancies. Living in such fast-paced times make us lose track of important matters. Luckily there are many wearables that can become handy in supporting women in their daily lives by controlling their menstrual cycles. Check out our overview on fertility tracking wearables here!

However, when planning a pregnancy how to know whether you are pregnant? One can simply go to the nearest pharmacy and get a pregnancy test. But besides the fact that is time consuming, on a long-term this practice is also environmentally unfriendly.

Ava is a smart tech bracelet that tracks your menstrual cycle and let you know when your next fertile days are. Nonetheless, in the future Ava will also be capable of tracking and (most importantly) detecting pregnancy! According to studies, the bracelet has the potential to capture changes in the uterus regarding thickness that will indicate whether you are pregnant or not.

While Ava´s pregnancy detector is still in beta – be sure to stay tuned for any news – we would like to introduce you some other helpful wearables that offer support during pregnancy.

Bloomlife is a wearable that can track and time pregnancy contractions. Using it is effort free, all you have to do it to stick it onto the belly throughout your third semester to learn more about your unique contractions. The Bloomlife sticker also syncs to your smartphone and allows you to better monitor your contractions by giving you an overview of your latest status.

The old times when we were only able to feel our babies inside us is now gone. With Bellabeat you can also hear your baby! The Bellabeat Shell is a non-invasive baby heartbeat listener that will allow future moms (and dads!) to listen to their babies anywhere and at anytime. It also provides you with a real-time recorder and real-time processing that will allow you to record your baby audio. Bellabeat also work as a kick counter and has a sharing option, where you can share your recorded audios with family and friends!