Boost your Business with these Trendy Industrial Solutions!

Companies spend billions every year on costs related with occupational injuries, illness, old machinery and theft – expenditures that will be directly deducted out of the company´s profit. According to OSHA (U.S. Department of Labor), companies that set-up a strong safety and health management system can cut their overall costs by 20 to 40 percent on a year basis.

Introducing an efficient and – mostly important – affordable industrial solution in your company may be the proper answer to your questions! Our next WT | Wearable Technologies Conference that takes place in Munich on January 30th and 31st will feature the most recent and ingenious industrial solutions in the market. Be sure to check them out and learn more on how to enhance your productivity and save costs!

The 2018 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) states that air quality is one of the leading environmental threat to public health. uRADMonitor City, by MagnaSCI, is a IoT device equipped with sensors that measures the Air Quality Index according to international standards. The monitor uses calibrated sensors to measure Particulate Matter, Ozone, Carbon Monoxide, Sulphur Dioxide and Nitrogen Dioxide. The uRADMonitor hardware collects and sends all data across wireless radio links, either using Wifi or LoRAWAN. MagnaSCI believes that Air Quality has a direct impact on health and environment issues and in order to solve the pollution issue, one has to first understand it. What a better way to get acquainted with air quality than by monitoring it on a daily basis?

One worker dies every 15 seconds and over 150 are involved in work-accidents globally. Intellinium proposes the very first smart connected safety shoes that guarantees your co-workers a safer working environment. The smart shoes allow workers to send and receive messages without using their hands – that is, smartphones are no longer needed throughout the day! With this new technology, alerts and other types of messages can be sent thanks to an alphabet based on the insole. Using the Intellinium smart shoes is easy, all one has to do is to press the Force Sensor Membrane (FSR) button with his toes to start a sequence (composed of 2 symbols: “short” or “long”) This sequence derives from MORSE code and will facilitate communication in dangerous situations.

Tabs, by TrackNet, is the perfect combination of devices that are easily managed by a single mobile app for all-in-one safety and security. Its 3 in 1 features empowers you to locate and track valuable items, monitor doors & windows of your business in real-time, as well as to keep track on air quality, temperature and humidity. Tabs can be customized according to your preferences and offers you a fully encrypted network – ensuring that your data will remain private. And the good news is: Tabs is offered at an inexpensive price –  being the perfect solution for small business and your home!


Whether you are assembling components, checking quality or moving boxes – getting all information for the job in a timely, accurate fashion is a challenge at a time that paper-based lists are still the de-facto standard in many companies. The Industry 4.0 Software, by WORKERBASE, is the platform for all manual tasks which need to be completed on the shop-floor. In a nutshell, its technology removes paper and makes tasks management more efficient. With WORKERBASE, work instructions can be managed in a web-browser, task notifications can be sent to the wrist of a worker in real-time, and feedback can be collected by using the smartwatch with integrated sensors. Pretty handy, right? Last but not least, all the data collected is stored on the WORKERBASE Industry 4.0 Software platform, allowing you to carry out with analytics and process improvements at anytime!


Smart Labels, by Solos, is the world´s first patented washable smart label. It is the first of its kind patented microchip with dual RFID / NFC capabilities – no wonder that is has been gaining great interest amongst the most renowned brands in the whole world! The Smart Labels is washable up to 100X and can withstand all industrial and dyeing procedures during production. Moreover, Solos´ labels do not need to be removed from your garments forasmuch as its material is non-metallic. By making use of this inventive technology you will be given the chance to boost your daily business by optimizing your inventory solutions!

The Chairless Chair®, by noonee, is a wearable, ergonomic, mechanic device to support and relief employees in their everyday routine at work. Its innovative technology is proven to reduce the workload of industrial employees and sustainably improve their health, performance as well as working conditions. The Chairless Chair lowers the physical strain of standing workplaces and thus gives a real-time response to the demographic development.


The Digital Tools for Manufacturing Group (DTMG) at Heriot-Watt University conducts fundamental and applied research in computational and interactive digital engineering solutions. They develop digital synergises in the domains of engineering, built environment, education and training. Their core expertise includes modelling, human factors, cyber-physical systems, virtual environments and systems to bring cross-disciplinary collaborations across the product life cycle. Be sure to learn more about their thrilling projects by clicking here!

Do you feel like meeting these and other visionary companies in person? Don´t miss your opportunity and register here for the 28th WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2018 EUROPE in Munich on January 30th and 31st.

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