The Sport Wearables of Tomorrow that will Unleash Your Performance to Its Fullest Potential!

The human body has a great capacity for functional and structural adaptation as well as for intensive physical exercise. But do you know whether you are using your body, mind and energy to full potential whenever practising any kind of physical activities? 

Data-collecting fitness wearables can inspire speedy running or heavier lifting. And their types and shapes has now become more diversified than ever! From smart clothing, to trackers and even coachers they have one goal: helping you understanding your performance limits and strengths. Our next WT | Wearable Technologies Conference that takes place in Munich on January 30th and 31st will feature the latest and most innovative sports devices available in the market. Be sure to have a peek at some of the products listed below:

K-FORCE, by KINVENT, is an innovative product that guides you through the rehabilitation of people who have suffered physical trauma. It assesses the human force through precise dynamometry instruments that helps you better understand the ongoing status of your patient´s lower limb muscular symmetry and strength. With K-FORCE, physiotherapists can monitor their patient´s progress in real-time and get acoustic and optic Bio-Feedback on Smartphone or Tablet. It consists of 3 products: Plates, Muscle Controller and Grip. All of them fully equipped with high precision measuring systems and the KINVENT´s excellence in both mechanics and electronics.


What if you could have a coach by your side 24/7? One that will constantly keep you up to date on what habits could be improved so as to support you in keeping up with healthy and enjoyable life! Lumafit is an interactive fitness coach designed to get you fit. Its virtual coach you support you in unleashing your potential through controlling the right pace for you – either at the gym or at the comfort of your place! The Lumafit earband can be synchronized with the Lumafit application that offers you flashy features, such as: Accurate Heart Rate and Calorie Burn, Cardio Gym Session, Interactive Boot Camp, Real Time Graphs and many more!


Sports and fashion enthusiastic? With SUPA you can experience both in one! SUPA is a smart clothing that has integrated sensors – these are able to read all the biometrics in the background and gives you with personalized information about your surroundings. The cool aspect about it is that you cannot see any of the sensors, all you have with you is a stylish clothing that can be worn anywhere! The artificial intelligence enables SUPA to learn more about you, that is: it provides you not only with health individual benefits, but also collects all your data and learns from these biometrics in a humanity-wide level. According to Sabine Seymour, Founder & CEO, in 20 or 30 years one will be able to tell you why you have got cancer – is it due genetic predisposition, environmental, diet? We can hardly wait to see and learn more about it!


Other than SUPA, Vexatec has also released a unique multifunctional T-shirt that rigged with live data tracking. Its T-shirt enables you to record, store and calculate your heart-rate, acceleration, temperature, g-force, among many others whilst you exercise! These are transmitted directly from the data-logger onto your mobile or computer. Moreover, Vexatec´s compression technology provides you with up to 4% more workout performance through increased oxygen transport and faster blood circulation. The T-shirt comes in different colors and it is perfect to be carried with throughout the day!


TECHWEAR, by Antelope, is the world’s first muscle-activating sportswear. It consists of integrated electrodes placed on all major muscle groups activated by using the BOOSTER and the App. TECHWEAR is made of a breathable, flexible, compression fabric, which ensures the correct placement of integrated electrodes on the skin. Moreover, it is embedded with muscle-targeting electrodes that stimulate each of your major muscle groups, helping you reach your fitness goals faster than ever. TECHWEAR is the only wearable that pro-actively works to increase your performance in your favorite sports discipline e.g. + 30% of your training performance, + 20% of your jumping ability as well as + 10% muscle volume. In other words: faster fitter, faster stronger, faster faster. What are you waiting for?


Around 270 Million soccer players and coaches worldwide do not have access to objective performance data – which can lead to future muscle injuries and other physical complications. TRACKTICS is the perfect gadget for every soccer player who wants to keep track of their athletic performance. It provides you with detailed information concerning the most relevant data, such as: tailored overview of the overall activity during the game, heat-map, offensive and defensive behavior, among many others! And more – using TRACKTICS soccer system is easy! All you need to measure your performance on the pitch is the TRACKTICS GPS tracker and a web-enabled smartphone or tablet.


Xampion Double Sensor Pack, by Xampion, is another product that will revolutionize the way we experience and play soccer! After every training session, you can wirelessly access the data with your overall performance and cross-compare it with previous performances. These include: ball contacts, strike speed, movement data and intensity levels during playing sessions. Using Xampion is easier than you think, all you have to do is to put the Double Sensor Pack insoles in your shoes and let the game start! Challenge your friends, train smarter and become a champion!


Do you want to meet these and other ingenious companies in person? Don´t miss your opportunity and register here for the 28th WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2018 EUROPE in Munich on January 30th and 31st.

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