The Ultimate Lifestyle Gadgets and Garments for 2018!

2018 has arrived and the number of digitized technologies has been boosting the market like never before! With so many different technologies, there is actually no limit to where they can be part of our routine. 

From AR glasses, to smart-lamps and intelligent earphones – the options are enormous! And the main aim of these technologies is (among others) to make our lives more enjoyable and – of course – funnier! Our next WT | Wearable Technologies Conference that takes place in Munich on January 30th and 31st will feature the most fresh and cool start-ups that are shaking the lifestyle tech market! Be sure to have a glimpse of their products:

Keeping an eye on your kid 24/7 may not be the easiest thing to do. Especially now, that the streets might not be as safe if compared to some decades ago. With Kiddoo Smartwatch, parents can give their kids the same freedom and autonomy they had years ago. And the best part is: they don´t have to worry about it! Kiddoo´s Smartwatch provides the worrying parents several functions and features that will help them not losing track of their child. Features such as: Smart Locator, Safety Zones, Voice Calling, SOS Calling, among many others.


Did you know that now you can also wear your tablet? Exactly! ORA-X, developed by Optinvent, is more than a simply pair of headphones. It is the very first pair of headphones based on AR that enables its users to literally watch movies, video clips as well as play games on-the-go! ORA-X works on Android and can support over 1,000 different applications and other programs. The good thing about these headphones is that they can be worn throughout the day with no interruptions since their battery lasts at least 8 hours daily.


Did you know that stress has been labelled as the “Health Epidemic of the 21st Century” by the World Health Organization? Managing stress is just as important than managing and diet and activities. The SimyBall, developed by SimyLife, can help you understand your body and learn how much stress you can handle on a daily basis. The SimyLife´s ball is integrated with sensors that provides you with feedback on your stress level within seconds by measuring your pulse, skin conductance and temperature. If you realize that your SimyBall is turning red – which means stress levels at their limit – you should take a break from whatever you are doing and engage with some of the games and activities provided by SimyBall as a way to diminish it.


The Dash, by Bragi, is a hearing aid type device that is geared to produce very clear sound but is also a smart fitness and health tracker. It comes with a companion app that helps you keep track of your walking while monitoring heart-beat, heart-rate, and other health vitals. Moreover, it works as a Bluetooth headset type device that allows you to answer to your smartphone anywhere. The Bragi apps provides you with many features and the best part of it: it connects with Alexa! Hence, making your Bragi experience 100% ease of use!


Al Bicchiere is not only designed for wine lovers who often give up opening a bottle of wine to drink only one glass. But also for wine producers who will have an additional distribution channel based on the repositioning of packaging with many potentialities of integration with new technologies. Al Bicchiere is a smart dispenser with IoT functions for wine in bag equipped with a mobile app and e-commerce platform where people can buy wine. It is a great solution for the consumption of bottled wine since its technology allows a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to glass bottles.

The new connected world requires products to be designed with wider contribution and integration of different skills, such as electronics and real-time communications. How great it would be if we were informed that our bikes, motorbikes and even cars are in danger in real-time? MyClose is much more than a motorbike tracker, it also works as a theft prevention system! The locker is able to detect unauthorized movements – interpreted as a theft attempt – and will trigger the alarm of your mobile phone immediately letting you know that something is wrong. Moreover, you can track your vehicle in real time with the geo-localization feature provided by the MyClose app. MyClose lock system is portable and does not require any installation. Which means: you can use it with any vehicle without any hassle!


Do you have different lamps and lampshades in one room so that you can choose the best light for a given moment? The Luke Roberts Smart Lamp allows you to place the light wherever you need only with a fingertip! Luke Roberts´ technology is the very first that can be adjusted from intense bright to indirect lighting and from normal lighting to different colors within seconds! Changing your light set-up can be easily done via the Luke Roberts app, and the more you use, the more the app will learn from your behavior. That is, it will predict the most likely light scene whenever it is turned on. Another positive feature of the lamp, is that it uses presence detection sensors to turn itself on when someone enters the room. Whenever the room is again empty, the lamp will turn itself off – either to save energy and protect the environment!


The possibilities of technologies are endless. In this respect, many fashion designers have been gaining inspiration and creating new garments that will completely change the way of how we see clothing. Vision Quest, by Joanna Hir and MuArts, is a multi-seasonal couture collectionof four designs, offering modern occasional wearwith elements of tech-wear for men. Each piece in thecollection is enhanced by different light technologies (i.e. Phosphorescent Paint, Electroluminescent wire, Electroluminescent
panel, LED screen) thatsymbolizes the enlightenment, which is the maintheme of this collection.


Wanna meet those companies in person? It´s still not too late! Register here for the 28th WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2018 EUROPE in Munich on January 30th and 31st.

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