Wearable Technologies and Its Ingenious Ecosystem

Driven by the ability to interlink the major modern trends of healthcare, sports, lifestyle, industrial – among many others – wearables have been attracting in the past years notable levels of interest. However, in order to develop and build a new wearable device that is capable of reaching an international and broad audience is not that simple. Key enabling technologies such as low cost sensors, wireless connectivity, active materials, battery energy, life-cycle – among many others – are keen factors to develop a successful product.

Our next WT | Wearable Technologies Conference that takes place in Munich on January 30th and 31st will feature the most essential and cutting-edge companies from the entire wearable ecosystem. Catch a glimpse of some of them:

EBV Elektronik is the world´s leading specialist in EMEA semiconductor distribution. They maintain their successful strategy of personal commitment to customers by providing excellent services in-depth application support, value-added and logistics solutions to a massive and diverse customer base.


CSEM is a research and development center specialized in micro-technology, nanotechnology, microelectronics, system engineering, photovoltaics and communications technologies. The Swiss company develops technology platforms by integrating and combining technologies into workable systems. Moreover, they manage and foster innovation to convert ground-breaking basic researches into advanced processes – that will lead to innovative products and help prepare the industry and society for the future.


Get the information your company needs with IEEE Xplore! The IEEE Xplore digital library is the perfect gateway for you to do your research and discover trusted journals, conferences, e-books, educational courses, among many others! Their platform welcomes a world of knowledge from many industries that will enable you to improve your business and/or discover the next breakthrough. Furthermore, with its powerful search tools IEEE Xplore helps you finding only the most relevant research amongst – over 4 million articles available. Stay tuned!


In need of prototyping and application development? iProtoXi offers customized IoT platforms, services and applications by designing and manufacturing innovative, modular, energy efficient, cloud service and wearable electronics. Their solutions include full stack design services and cloud ready IoT platforms. In addition to these, iProtoxi provides “one-stop-shopping”: with both off-the-shelf and customer-specific solutions. Their Aistin IoT and wearable Aistin Blue product platforms can often be tailored to meet customer requirements, providing companies significant time as well as costs savings.


Ready to savor more? You can meet these and other companies at our 28th WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2018 EUROPE in Munich on January 30th and 31st. Be sure to guarantee your ticket by registering here and get ready for an wonderful experience! We cannot wait to see you there!

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