The Top 4 Neckband Releases in the Market!

One of the key aspects about wearable technologies is that they come in a wide range of products, shapes, colors, among many others. Which means, even if you are not a big fan of watches, bracelets, belts you can still savor to the most other tech gadgets, such as: rings, earrings and even neckbands! Are you a wearable enthusiastic? If so stay tuned, because we are about to share with you the coolest and newest releases on neckbands that just hit the market!

NUGUNA Neckband, by NUGUNA, assists people with hearing loss. Its technology is apt to sense sounds levels around the wearer and will inform them which kind of sounds what in their surroundings. All of that made by different vibrations from the neckband. Plus, the wearer also receives different pre-selected notifications of incoming calls, SMS, important alarms and reminders. NUGUNA is one of the only neckables that can also warn wearers on natural catosthrophes such as earthquakes and tornadoes. It weighs only 50g and comes in two different colors: white and carmine red.


FITT360, by Linkflow, works as a 360 camera that is capable of capturing your expressive reality effortlessly. With this neckable you can now have all the details that you might have missed during a trip or special moment. These moments can either be saved onto your device or be streamed in real-time through social network. Moreover, FITT360 can also be used as a Bluetooth headset to listen to your favorite soundtracks or to answer your phone calls. Linkflow´s headset is embedded with 3 HD cameras, is water resistant and heat proof – which means you will not feel your neck burning in case you are directly exposed to the sun.


Voyager 6200UC, by Plantronics, was officially released last month and it is the first neckable headset developed by the company. One of its special features is that it supports both active and passive noise cancellation and it includes four omni-directional microphones – which will cover all the surrounding sounds and give you the perfect audio experience! Voyager 6200UC´s battery-time is also another plus for this new gadget. It lasts up to 9 hours of talk time and up to 16 hours of listening time. The neckable headset comes in two different colors (black or sands) and costs $299.95.


JBL and Under Armour have paired up and developed the newest wireless neckbands-headphone: the UA Sport Wireless Flex. The neckable can be perfectly adjusted onto your neck, which means that for very active times you can simply tighten it up so it will not feel loosen or sliding off your neck. Plus, the UA Sport Wireless Flex provides the wearer with a pretty convenient feature called RunSafe: which is basically a flashlight LED safety light that can be seen even in the most darkened conditions – perfect for outdoor running and cycling. It can be rapidly charged and a full charge gives you up to 12 hours of entertainment.


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