Wearables and the 2018 Olympic Winter Games

The 2018 Olympic Winter Games has officially kicked-off last Friday! As many of you might have already heard, the event can be particularly dangerous since their competitors have to push their bodies to the edge in such low and fridgid temperatures. Thus, it is no wonder that the Olympic teams have invested a great deal of effort when it comes to bringing their athletes technologies that can enhance their performance and safety throughout the next days. We have selected some of the coolest and buzzing technologies and gadgets that are being featured at this year´s games. Check them out:

Ralph Lauren specially designed a self-heating jacket for the TEAM USA athletes. Ralph Lauren´s jacket works almost like an electric blanket and its mechanism was developed exclusively for Ralph Lauren. The heating system is made from electronic printed conductive inks (in the shape of the American flag) that conducts heat and connects to a small battery pack sewn to the interior of the jackets. Moreover, the printed conductive inks are flexible and stretchable, which will allow the American athletes to perform all kinds of motion while protected from the low temperatures (until 20 below zero). This wearable is water-repellent and its battery lasts up to 11 hours.


The Halo Sport neurostimulation headset, by Halo Neuroscience, looks like normal headphones – however, its features are way beyond its design and presentation. The headset can be connected to a paired mobile application that promotes brain elasticity and development of muscle memory. According to Halo Sport, their device is the perfect choice for athletes who want to improve their training and practice. Furthermore, by optimizing your motor cortex your muscles can perform better in many ways, such as: motor skills, endurance and strength!


SmartSuit, by Samsung, is the perfect wearable for skaters who want to boost their skating performance. The gear will allow the user to track their body position metrics that will be analyzed in real-time by a coach within the accompanying application. Additionally, the suit makes use of 5 embedded sensors that measures body posture and calculates how far a skater´s hips are from the ice. If the athlete isn’t bended at an optimal level a vibration reminder will be to the skater so that he or she can correct their posture in order to avoid future injuries.


Other than sport wearables, the 2018 Olympic Winter Games is also featuring mobile payment wearables gears! Visa in cooperation with Lotte Card have developed three types of devices that will smooth the way payments are being done throughout the whole event. These come as gloves, a commemorative sticker and an Olympic pin. The question now is whether these products will sustain the momentum for other events or even become part of our routine?

In a nutshell, it is interesting to see how the winter sports wearables have been booming the market with its innovative technologies and solutions. Let´s hope that these cutting-edge gadgets will influence the upcoming new technologies that will be part of our daily lives. In the meantime – while we keep on waiting – be sure to follow all the competitions and cheer for your favorite teams and athletes!

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