Innovation World Cup Has Started Its Global Startup Scene Journey!

It´s been a punchy start for our partner Innovation World Cup® Series in 2018. The roadshow started with two back-to-back events over a span of 3 days.

The first stop of the IOT/WT Innovation World Cup® was on the 9th and 10th April in Poland, as a part of the active startup event Wolves Summit and their Wolves Hardware and R&D Day.

This was the 7th edition of the Wolves Summit in Warsaw, hosting a gathering of many important players who contribute to the Central and Eastern Europe’s startup ecosystem. With overwhelming registrations, countless startups met their potential partners and/or investors; on the other hand, the corporates had the opportunity to discover revolutionary startups enabled by innovative techpreneurs.

Partners of the Innovation World Cup® Series EBV Elektronik and VARTA Microbattery together with the IOT/WT Innovation World Cup winners and finalists beexlab, JoannaHir and FindAir shared their thoughts on how to become a successful IoT startup in an exciting panel discussion.

While the Wolves Summit was running at full pace, the Innovation World Cup® team was also in Milan for the IOTHINGS Milan on 10th and 11th April. With a different set of audience, the event was dedicated to IoT and digital transformation of Things.

The leading conference for IoT in Italy had 2200+ visitors, 109 sponsors, exhibitors, start-ups and 196 speakers. All of them came under one roof to discuss and share the latest developments on hot topics related to the Internet of Things industry, such as cybersecurity, 5G, GDPR, Smart City, and Blockchain.

Partners of the Innovation World Cup® Series STMicroelectronics, EBV Elektronik, VARTA Microbattery and Gemalto together with the IOT/WT Innovation World Cup® winners and finalists beexlab, MyClose and Pagita made the sessions an insightful experience.

Takeaways from this double delight opening:

The IWC sessions summed up the key ingredients for an IoT startup to succeed in the turbulent and demanding tech market! The importance of finding the right financial partners and documenting the ideas to do so were highlighted during the sessions.

Solid entry and exit strategies based on a valid grip on the market and the right timing are crucial. Especially in the IoT environment, finding the right timing also in more conservative industries and educating the market on the way is challenging!

Tech corporates have a lot to offer to IoT innovators to help them taking their solutions to the next level. Through top-notch components, dedicated developer communities, development kits and special prizes aiming to support and advise young entrepreneurs, market leaders and start-ups can closely work together and turn budding ideas into successful products together!

Look out for more such events and conferences; follow the road show of the Innovation World Cup® Series and see where you could join us!