Microsoft’s Alex Kipman Discusses Windows Mixed Reality and HoloLens Features

Windows mixed reality

When Microsoft updated its Windows 10 feature on April 2018, it included many features, and Windows Mixed Reality got in with the action as well. That’s why in a new video, Alex Kipman, Software Engineer and inventor at Microsoft, highlighted all the new features users can expect with Windows Mixed Reality and HoloLens after installing the latest version of Windows 10.

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With HoloLens, Enterprise users are able to pick up new features like research mode, and more ways to manage the device. And then, with Windows Mixed Reality, there is now a new Skyloft environment.

“On HoloLens, we have amazing new features from research mode all the way to enterprise manageability features. On our Virtual Reality side of the house, we have more customization of the spaces and a ton of performance improvements,” Kipman said.

windows mixed reality

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Please see the list below for a detailed look at some of the key features mentioned in the video:

  • You can now have multiple logins for the same device making it easier to share within your company.
  • HoloLens now supports Media Transport Protocol support that lets you connect your HoloLens and copy files to and from the device.
  • Improved MDM features to make HoloLens devices easier to configure and manage.
  • For companies that are creating specialized apps we’ve added research mode, a new “Research Mode” in HoloLens will help companies access more raw data when building apps.
  • Interactions for both immersive and holographic experiences have now been streamlined, making it simpler to place and size objects.
  • Protocol support to make it easier to share 3D objects from a website on HoloLens.
  • New APIs for HoloLens to let 3D Launchers animate as users approach or gaze at the object.
  • The skyloft is a new option for your virtual home. And Microsoft has included an early look at their support for user generated environments, so you can start creating your own locations.
  • Early preview of support for user generated environments in Windows Mixed Reality.

“Those are just a few of the new features in this release. The Windows Mixed Reality platform continues to evolve to let you personalize your real and mixed reality worlds,” Microsoft said.

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