Rhinomed to Expand Mute Sales Through 3,000 Pharmacies in the U.S.

Rhinomed mute

Australian medical technology company Rhinomed will soon expand sale of its proprietary nasal and respiratory solution, Mute, in the United States.

Currently, the United States is the world’s largest healthcare market which according to industry market analysts, is valued at around $70 billion.

As part of a new agreement with one of the largest pharmacy retailers in the U.S., the company has received an “initial opening order” of 6,000 units, “with more expected to follow,” Rhinomed said.

The new distribution agreement means an additional 3,000 pharmacies across the United States will stock Rhinomed’s Mute product, thereby adding to its existing activity in the country.

This agreement will expand Rhinomed’s global store base to over 10,000 stores across three continents.

Rhinomed mute

While Rhinomed remains tight-lipped about the identity of its new US retailer, the company signed an agreement with Walgreens last years to sell its Mute product. Following a successful trial program in 2016, Walgreens pharmacies currently sells Mute products through its more than 4,000 stores in the U.S.

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Rhinomed’s patented nasal technology platform seeks to “radically improve the way people breathe, sleep, maintain health and take medication.”

More specifically, Rhinomed is currently promoting two different products, based on closely-related technologies: the Turbine – a nasal dilator designed to help breathing during aerobic exercise, and Mute – a nasal technology that has been designed to improve quality of sleep by easing breathing issues for patients.

More Breathing, Less Snoring

Research shows that your nose holds the key to a good night’s sleep.

The ability to breathe freely through the nose during sleep, rather than the mouth, is essential for a good night’s sleep, as well as overall health.

Rhinomed’s clinical trial has shown that Mute increased airflow by an average of 38% and the company’s user trial showed 78% of users could breathe better at night.

Rhinomed mute

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Why Do We Snore?

Snoring is very common and it often has more than one cause.

It may be difficult to diagnose the underlying causes of snoring. It may relate to deformities of the nasal septum (the cartilage between the two sides of the nose) and the other internal nasal structures.

Snoring may also be caused by blockages in the nose due to nasal allergies or colds or can result from the use of medication or alcohol. It is not uncommon for women to snore during pregnancy.

How To Use Mute?

Mute, a simple but effective device against snoring, sits comfortably inside the nose improving airflow and breathing.

Just 3 simple steps will ensure you a soundless sleep:

  1. INSERT Wash your hands, hold the device by the bridge with the curved arms facing towards you and the ribbed paddles facing up and away from you.
  2. ADJUST Bring the device up to your nose and place the curved arms in first sot that it makes contact with the inside floor of your nose.
  3. BREATHE Gently place the device backwards into your nose to a point that it is comfortable. You may need to adjust your nostrils over and around the ridged paddles to ensure it is fully inserted.

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