ISPO Digitize 2018: How Sports Retailers and Manufacturers Can Benefit from It

ISPO Digitize 2018 Munchen

ISPO Digitize 2018 will give you the chance to make sustainable use of the opportunities offered by digitalization in he sports industry. The event will take place on 28-29 June at the International Congress Centre ICM in Munich.

ISPO Digitize is more than just an event, it’s a platform for the future of the industry, according to Messe Munchen. Keeping in mind that digital transformation isn’t a short sprint, but rather a long running marathon, Messe Munchen is hosting innovation summit every year. Once a year, the industry meets to keep up with being at the cutting edge, and to set the course for the future.

The digital transformation is impacting the sports sector in a big way. This is a sector where speed matters. Those who can’t keep up with the speed will fall behind.


This year ISPO Munchen together with Adidas is focusing on this topic for the first time on its own platform.

The opportunities offered by digitalization, how obstacles can be overcome and how the sports retail sector as well as the manufacturing sector can benefit from digitalization – these are the topics of ISPO Digitize.

“In our ISPO digitize in Munich this year we’re offering specialist dealers, concrete application examples that can support them in their own digital transformation,” said Tobias Gröber, Head of ISPO Group.

ISPO Digitize 2018 Munchen

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Concrete added value for sports retailers

“The benefit is that participants – and above all retailers – will be presented with personal solutions and concepts that are tailor-made to suit their requirements, and which can immediately be implemented into their business. One thing is certain: digitalization makes the analogue deficit clear. In the sports sector, there is a clear group, perhaps 25%, who have already engaged with digitalization themselves,” said Mr. Gröber.

“Manufacturers can enter into dialogue with their retailers on site, in order to clarify how best to deal with digitalisation together. Additionally, the manufacturing sector can present its own digital solutions. Good solutions for this sector do already exist,” he continued.

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The speakers

Among the distinguished speakers at the conference are: Kasper Rorsted, CEO of the adidas group, Günter Althaus, chairman of the ANWR (including Sport 2000), as well as top managers from the technology branch.

BMW chairman Peter Schwarzenbauer, and Nils Stamm, CDO of Deutsche Telekom, will share insight into the digital strategies of their companies, and alongside them, visionaries will demonstrate the business and cultural trends of the future. Additionally, renowned speakers such as tech-blogger Robert Scoble and Prof. Bern Thomsen, CEO of Thomsen Group International Strategy Consultants, will also be making appearances.

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