Wearables to Help You Stay Fit and Healthy

Keeping a healthy body doesn’t happen by chance, it requires, smart lifestyle choices, hard work, and maintaining regular checkups. Experts recommend 3 things: Eating healthy, Exercise and get adequate sleep. Did you know there are wearables available that can help you achieve all that? The following companies provide stunning health and wellness solutions, and they are going to exhibit at our WT | Wearable Technologies Conference in San Francisco on July 11-12 – do not miss the chance to meet them in person and join us for #WTUS18!

Dow offers a comprehensive portfolio of proven, biocompatible technologies such as silicone rubbers, elastomers and adhesives to enable a connected future in the healthcare market and to facilitate the internet of medical things. A new era is beginning in which we will see a huge rise in population growth combined with a much higher degree of affluence. However, many people lack basic healthcare. As Western-style diet and lifestyle continue to infiltrate developing countries, the number of people suffering from diabetes is expected to rise – having already reached pandemic proportions. Dow is helping ease the problem with: 1. Excipients to help medicines dissolve fast and work effectively 2. Food ingredients to maintain high-fiber or gluten-free diets 3. Polymers for cloth-like hygiene and surgical products 3. Antimicrobial and lightweight technology for apparel and footwear 4. Full-spectrum UV protection in sunscreens 5. Flexible polyurethane foam for healthy, rejuvenating sleep.

wearables to help you stay fit healthy wtus18

corbit is a young Digital Health Company in the center of Hannover, Germany. Professional background, international Spirit and our united enthusiasm for our goals describes our team best. We are creating innovative solutions that serve your personal health and wellbeing. Our focus is in the development of Mobile Health, Smart Home Care, Wearables & Telemedicine. We believe that Digital Health enables Equality of Generations and we are convinced that this is the key for the Health System of the future.

WHALETEQ Co., LTD is a professional test solution provider. From Manufacturers, Testing Labs, Healthcare Service Providers to Chipset Providers, WhaleTeq provides the unique and specialized testing solution to help the industry achieve accuracy and meet standards. The company brings ECG, EEG, PPG, and PWTT expertise to reduce efforts spent in testing. WhaleTeq designs, produces, and sells test solutions including test equipment and associated services for medical devices and healthcare wearables. Since 2013, hundreds of medical device manufacturers, EMS providers, certification laboratories, and regulation testing institutes have adopted WHALETEQ test solutions.

With a deep understanding of the orthopedic industry, and a passion for renewing lives, Consensus launched its innovative TracPatch Technology division focusing on orthopedic wearable technology, which combines Consensus Orthopedics 25 years of orthopedic experience with innovative Big Data capabilities. With the use of smartphone technology and Internet of Things, TracPatch monitors key patient metrics allowing a surgeon to remotely monitor recovery of a patient staying at home.

Health Care Originals Inc. (HCO), a startup, is an industry leader in digital health, integrating IoT technologies to empower everyone through improved understanding and management of their health and medical conditions. HCO’s current wearable solutions are optimized for respiratory system applications, providing revolutionary, actionable insight into: illnesses like asthma and COPD; respiratory syndromes; research; health & safety and competitive sports. Adamm is a patch-type, flexible wearable with a rechargeable battery that can be worn anywhere on the upper torso, front or back. Move it around from day to day as you choose. The wearable monitors symptoms, sends reminder about medications and treatment plans to a paired smartphone. The best of it is the voice journalism feature. Press the wearable and record relevant journal entries – changes, feelings, behaviors etc. This data gets transferred to your long-term record and for your doctor’s review. The company has over 3,000 devices already committed for clinical trials.

Night Train provides novelty solution Sleep Train for highly accurate sleep cycle monitoring and analyses. It has been developed in close collaboration with sleep researchers and professors. It measures the distal skin temperature which correlates very accurately with normal melatonin and another hormone production. Sleep Train application provides information and analysis on sleep stages and duration along with natural sleep cycle. It is easy and inexpensive to integrate into any kind of wearable devices. Technology is patented and proven to work towards the polysomnography.

SharkDreams develops digital solutions that solve the major problems facing healthcare. By addressing these universal challenges, we aim to make healthcare simpler, facilitate closer patient-provider communication, and enable precision care focused on the needs of individuals. Through our hardware and our software applications, we’re working to build a complete ecosystem that will result in smarter, more connected healthcare providers, and digital clinics that serve the needs of patients better.

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