New Wearable Tech Captures Dance Movements Transforms Them Into Visual Sensations

Wearable e-traces ballet shoes

When we think of wearable technology, we don’t see ballet shoes as a wearable device. But in fact, E-Traces pointe shoes designed by Lesia Trubat, may be the world’s first wearable ballet shoes. The shoes capture the movement and pressure of the dancer’s feet using Lilypad Arduino technology and transmits this information to a smartphone via Bluetooth.

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Through the different functionalities of the app, it allows you to show this data graphically and customize to suit each user.

This data captured can be used in many different ways. The user can view all the moves in video format, extract images and print them. Next, they can interpret movement into visual art or enhance a dancer’s steps, even posture. Or compare results with other dancers. The technology has endless possibilities, and it can be designed to be used in other dance disciplines.

Wearable e-traces ballet shoes

The shoes are based on the clone of Lilypad Arduino technology, which is designed for sewing into wearables. It appears that 3 force sensitive resistors are used as analog pressure sensors, measuring the force applied on the ground by the dancer’s feet. A Lilypad Accelerometer measures the acceleration of the feet.

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This is another example on how Wearable Tech can enhance our lives in so many ways. Ways that we haven’t begun to imagine.

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