The Wearable ETF Gets Name Change To Home In On AR/VR Technology

Wear index name change

Exchange Traded Concepts LLC (ETC), a leader in providing white label Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) solutions, have announced in conjunction with Eve Capital that the index for WEAR, the Wearable ETF (CBOE: WEAR) will soon be changed to the EQM Tactile AR/VR Virtual Technology Index.

“We are committed to providing unique ETF’s that can enable investors to access new and exciting investment themes,” said ETC CEO J. Garrett Stevens. “This change to the AR/VR Virtual Technology Index continues that goal.”

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Bryce Tillery, Managing Partner of Eve Capital said his company isn’t leaving Wearable Technology behind. “Wearable technology is something that we still believe in. We just happen to believe that the augmented and virtual technology subset of wearables is the most exciting and could have a larger market impact going forward,” he said. “We are also pleased to be working with EQM Indexes LLC, our index partner, and Tactile Analytics, the research firm covering this fast growing asset class.”

Dallas-based Eve Capital will continue to sponsor ARVR. normal business will remain as it is for the fund when the ETF exchange is changed. All parties believe this index change serves in the best interest of WEAR shareholders to provide a unique opportunity to help highlight the most exciting aspect of wearable technology.

Wear index name change

ARVR will normally invest at least 80% of its total assets in the index securities. The Index is designed to measure the performance of companies listed on public stock exchanges globally that are expected to benefit from the increased adoption of augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) technologies. Companies included in the index are the companies that manufacture electronic components used to construct AR/VR hardware, companies that develop the software that utilize the hardware, companies that develop content for use on AR/VR hardware, and companies that manage content distribution platforms or deploy AR/VR hardware/software as part of a customer solution or offering.

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Although Information tech companies are smaller with limited product lines and fewer experienced management or marketing personnel, their stocks, especially those which are Internet related, have gone through extreme price and volume fluctuations that are often not associated with their operating performance. The non-diversified fund may be invested in a limited number of issuers and vulnerable to any economic, political and regulatory events compare to a more diversified fund. Diversification may not protect against market risk.

ETC serves as the investment adviser, and Vident Investment Advisory LLC serves as the sub-advisor to the fund. The Fund is distributed by Foreside Fund Services, LLC, which is not affiliated with Exchange Traded Concepts, LLC or any of its affiliates.