BioBeat Smart Patch

BioBeat Patch is a cutting-edge wearable monitor for continuous non-invasive accurate medical-grade monitoring of vital signs, including continuous blood pressure, saturation, respiratory rate, heart rate, consciousness, cardiac output, stroke volume, body temperature, steps, sweat and more.

This solution introduces a new concept of continuous vital-signs measurements anywhere and anytime. BioBeat’s wearable automatically uploads the recorded data to a smartphone based app and to the cloud, where it can be monitored remotely. Caretakers may intervene as signs raise alert and user may receive alerts directly from the app. This provides caretakers with an important tool to assist in disease management and to optimize clinical outcomes.

Furthermore, the BioBeat system facilitates remote monitoring of patients with a variety of medical issues. Ultimately, this solution allows patients to be treated at the comfort of their homes, rather than in the hospital. Moreover, the BioBeat solution allows for monitoring of stationary patients, but also individuals who perform outdoor activities.

The BioBeat Patch is suitable for cloud-based disease monitoring, including early discharge from hospital, home monitoring of chronically ill patients, home hospitalization, high risk cases and others. Data derived from the monitor is easily subjected to in-depth data analysis in order to form insights and recommendations of clinical significance.

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