How Wearable Technology Can Transform the Restaurant Industry?

Wearable tech in restaurants

While wearable technology’s impact in fitness and healthcare is clearly visible, it is yet to make a firm imprint in the restaurant industry. From smartwatches to Google glasses, wearable technology can benefit the restaurant industry in big ways.

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Think about a restaurant that uses digital menus. If the eatery runs out of a specific food item, instead of notifying every wait staff, the chef could simply use the Google glass app and update the menu in real time.

Restaurant 2025 Oracle Food and Beverage study shows differing views presented by customers, restaurant staffs and restaurant owners.

Only 51 percent of restaurant owners liked the idea of guests using their wearable devices to order and pay for their meals, according to the Oracle report. It’s worth noting that Apple Watch was readily available when the research was conducted. On the consumer side, customers were slightly more enthusiastic about ordering and paying via a wearable device. 18 percent of the customers surveyed said they would definitely use wearable technology to order or pay for their meal and 41 percent said they would welcome the option, but 41 percent said it would not enhance their experience and they would find it intrusive.

On the other hand, the 2016 Restaurant Industry Forecast by the National Restaurant Association found 63% of guests say they would be willing to use tableside payment stations, up from 48% a year ago.

The Oracle study also found that 58% of restaurant owners found the idea of using wearable technology for promotions or other marketing messages to guests appealing. However, it’s not clear whether the customers would feel the same way.

Wearable tech in restaurants

The most significant finding in the Oracle report was that customers liked the idea of technology allowing them to be recognized in a restaurant without having to show a loyalty card. On the owners’ side, 51 percent liked the idea of using wearables to do this.


Wearable technology can impact the restaurant industry in many ways. This technology can provide the kitchen workers with an incredible advantage, allowing real-time communications. Chefs can video stream their cooking process using Google Glass, which will allow trainee chefs to watch the video on their smartphone and copy the process as they work.

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For the management, wearable tech can provide them with real-time inventory information right on the floor in their wearable, giving them more time with diners while performing their managerial duties.

Wearable technology can do many things to improve our restaurant experience, and it can even improve the quality of the food served there. But, will it improve the quality of airplane food?

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