Samsung Odyssey+ Mixed Reality Headset Could Fix its Jumbled VR

Samsung Odyssey plus

Samsung may soon have a new Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) headset in the market, according to a new FCC filing spotted by Road to VR. The headset dubbed the Samsung HMD Odyssey+, would be the successor to the HMD Odyssey, which Samsung launched as part of the initial wave of WMR headsets last year. There doesn’t seem to be much change, except for some cosmetic differences to make the headset more comfortable to wear.

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Since the original Odyssey was criticized for ergonomic issues, Odyssey+ features improvements that should be noticeable. The filing shows that the headset’s display size remains the same with dual 3.5-inch screens with per-eye resolution remains the same at 1440×1600 and a 110-degree field of view, but now the eye box is wider to prevent fogging.

There’s one mystery in the new specs; it’s the reference to AMOLED screens which now includes something called “SFS.” That term doesn’t appear anywhere on Samsung’s website or in other display technology documentation, but it’s probably a screen door effect-mitigating filter Samsung recently showed off, transforming the visible black grid between pixels into a film-like grain, reports VentureBeat.

The rubberized triangular area between the lenses appears to have been increased in size, likely to prevent the edge of materials from rubbing against users’ noses.

While all of these changes may be welcomed, they don’t address the wider problem with the company’s VR approach: To drive demand, simply dumping new VR hardware into stores isn’t enough. To stand out, companies need something like exclusive software, attractive pricing, or special hardware features.

Samsung Odyssey plus

The platforms listed for the Odyssey+ include WMR and SteamVR, but this is likely a reference to WMR’s compatibility with SteamVR.

With the headset’s appearance at the FCC, it’s likely we’ll know much more about it soon, but for now, Samsung’s current HMD Odyssey headset is available for $399.

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Here are the specs

  • Display: Dual 3.5-inch AMOLED+SFS
  • Resolution: 2880X1600 (800 ppi effect) (1440X1600 per eye)
  • Feq.: 60Hz, 90Hz
  • FOV: 110°
  • Sensor: WMR Camera, IPD Sensor, G-sensor, Gyroscope, Proximity
  • Tracking: 6DOF, Inside-out
  • Connectivity: HDMI 2.0, USB 3.0, BT
  • Audio: AKG Premium audio
  • Mic.: Dual Array Mic
  • IPD: Yes
  • Convenience: Adjustable headstrap, Flashlight, BT in HMD, Wider eye box, Wider part of nose, Anti-fog
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