ORII Smart Ring Turns Your Finger into Earbuds

ORII smart ring
Image: ORII

ORII is a sleek smart ring that lets you talk via your mobile phone while holding just your finger near your mouth, emulating a scene from of a James Bond movie. The ring gives you clear and crisp audio while listening to text messages through your finger without the need of a screen, making communications more stylish and efficient.

The ring is created by Hong Kong startup Origami Labs, who last year raised $500,000 in crowdfunding and closed at a substantial total funding of $2.5 million. It received over 4000 pre-orders from 3000 plus backers in 60 plus countries.

ORII is very lightweight and comfortable to wear. It’s splash-proof and even features anodized aluminum.

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The smart ring is designed especially for those short texts and phone calls scattered throughout the day while you’re on the move. The 1.5 hours of continuous listening time means you can handle many short text messages and calls. ORII isn’t an alternative for Bluetooth headsets, but it uses similar technology. While Bluetooth headsets are for those how talks for long time, ORII is for receiving and sending brief but frequent calls or texts.

Here’s how it works

ORII utilizes the power of bone conduction technology and dual microphones, allowing you to make calls, send texts, create reminders, and more with just simple taps on your ear. ORII actually lets you hear through your finger.

ORII receives audio from your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. The ring transmits sound vibration through your finger to your fingertip so that when you press your ear, you can hear the voice audio. This technology is used in medical-grade hearing aid devices and doesn’t pose any health risk.

ORII smart ring
Image: ORII

Voice Assistant

ORII can access Siri and Google Assistant, therefore handle many daily tasks all with your phone staying in your pocket or bag.

Here are just a few commands you can use:

“Call mom at home.”

“Send a text to Stephen.”

“Schedule a meeting with Kayleigh tomorrow at nine AM.”

“Set a reminder for tomorrow.”

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ORII is splash proof, so you don’t need to worry when you wash your hands, get caught in the rain, and get sweat on ring. Showering or swimming with the ring on isn’t recommended though.

A 50 mAh battery means you can make more than twenty short calls and over 200 text messages. Top it up with a compact charging clip.

Price and Availability

The ring is available in black, grey, silver and red. However, ring is out of stock at present, but you can join the priority list, and they’ll let you know when the ring is available again. The price is $119.

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