Performance Lab Patents ‘Activity Types’ for Smarter Fitness Coaching

Performance Lab Activity Types
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Performance Lab, an Auckland, New Zealand-based Product and technology development company related to fitness and wellness coaching has invented and patented a new classification system called ‘Activity Types’. Rather than using just one parameter, Activity Types uses multiple parameters to arrive at a classification of activity and can do this automatically and in real time on a wearable device such as an Apple watch, for example.

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The patent addresses a big problem in exercise, sport and health wearables which is that the mass of data that is recorded day to day and month to month doesn’t provide them in a meaningful way.

For example, when you’re exercising you do not want loads of data, you just want to know what all the information means.

Smart coaching offered by current wearable devices do not produce precise data on a person’s workout. For example, if your fitness tracker is showing a high heart rate, it doesn’t tell you why your heart rate is high. Your high heart rate could be due to various reasons like exercising very hard, climbing stairs, heat, nervousness, sickness etc.

Performance Lab Activity Types
Jon Ackland, Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer at Performance Lab (Image:

Performance Lab’s Activity Types provides such precise information. Activity Types can look at your:

  • Speed and heart rate and see that you’re actually running quite hard and fast.
  • Altitude change and heart rate and see that you’re climbing stairs.
  • Temperature and heart rate and see that you’re very hot.
  • Historic norms for ‘like data’ and see that you’re sick or nervous.
  • The company hopes to include EKG readings in the future.

Activity Types is the analytical gateway to personalized care and support for you and others like you. It can provide the needed information anywhere and anytime off a device such as an Apple watch, powered by their unique algorithms.

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This could involve Artificial Intelligence on your watch or in your ear, or the data could be sent to a medical professional or coach who is monitoring your activity and providing expert care.

Performance Lab will launch its new Arda app for the Apple Watch Series 3 later this year!

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