DFree Wearable Device for Urinary Incontinence Launches in US

DFree Incontinence

San Diego, CA-based Triple W has launched its new wearable device for urinary incontinence in the US. The device called DFree helps users predict toilet timing and prevent accidents. Triple W has showcased the product at the Medtrade on October 16-17.

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“DFree is designed to help individuals with incontinence improve quality of life and enable independence, as well as help reduce the burden for the caregivers,” said Atsushi Nakanishi, president and CEO of Triple W. “Whether you want to attend a concert, enjoy an afternoon with your grandkids or help a senior parent or loved one who needs extra time to travel from one place to another — you don’t have to worry about finding a bathroom on time.”

Urinary incontinence is any uncontrolled leakage of urine. It is a common and distressing problem, which may have a large impact on quality of life. This widespread problem remains unreported most of the time because of the social stigmas involved, reports MobiHealth News.

This new product could offer an alternative to diapers or pads for some adults. The company said DFree has been in use in senior care facilities in Japan and Europe since 2017.

DFree Incontinence

DFree supports those who have difficulty going to the toilet by themselves. It will enable you to achieve more independence. The lightweight and portable receiver, weighing 2.54 ounces, is clipped on a user’s belt or clothing while the non-invasive ultrasound sensor is secured to the lower abdomen with medical tape. The sensor uses ultrasound to track the progression of bladder movements and predicts urination timing using a patented algorithm.

The app then sends notification on the patient’s smart phone before and after the actual timing of the toilet. The user sets the threshold of when they want to be notified, such as when their bladder is 65%, 70%, or 85% full. The user can then discretely get up to go to the bathroom.

Few other startups have also tried to address the issue of incontinence. Femtech hardware startup Elvie partnered with NHS to tackle stress urinary incontinence in women.

DFree will retail for $499.99 in the US.

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