Insider Navigation-AR Automation Partnering Up to Bring AR into the Vertical Farming Industry

INS vertical farming

Insider Navigation (INS), the first company to offer hardware independent Augmented Reality indoor navigation, has partnered up with AR Automation Ltd, a joint venture between Visionaries 777 Ltd and eventa AG bringing Augmented Reality to IoT, to create an innovative control and monitoring solution for the vertical farming industry. The novel solution presented by the new partnership could be a game changer for the vertical farming industry.

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INS is the first company that offers indoor navigation without the use of additional hardware. Their hardware agnostic AR indoor navigation enables precise 3D positioning, intuitive navigation and displaying the right 2D or 3D content at the right spot. They have developed a process and an easy-to-implement Software Development Kit (SDK) to make any venue recognizable for any device with a camera.

“The increased complexity and size of indoor farms call for easy and intuitive automation system control and monitoring,” says Clemens Kirner, CEO of Insider Navigation. “By collaborating with AR Automation Ltd it was possible to bring an easy-to-use solution into the vertical farming industry and help workers to easily navigate through the farms.”

INS vertical farming

AR Automation aims to bring Augmented Reality to IoT. By simply pointing at any connected device with any AR enabled hardware, users are able to control and monitor its functions. Their solution works for lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and any connected appliances. It runs on mobiles, tablets and wearable devices. By using 3D mapping technology, AR Automation can offer a persistent AR experience in any physical space, transforming how we interact with the world.

“By using the INS SDK, AR Automation can deliver a stable and accurate indoor tracking in a constantly changing environment, such as in vertical farms where plants are continuously growing and lighting is constantly changing”, says Nicolas Guyon, Co-Founder Visionaries 777 Ltd.

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The companies will be demonstrating this innovative tool at the AWE EU 2018. AWE is a global XR community hosting the world’s #1 AR+VR conference & expo in the USA, Europe & Asia. We will be hosting a collaboration at booth 304 in this conference.

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