RS Medical Helping Patients with Patented Wearable Pads

RS Medical wearable garments

RS Medical has been helping patients with its patented wearable pads for more than a decade. The garments allow patients to place pads on difficult to reach treatment areas and improve compliance and effectiveness while allowing patients to receive in-home treatment.

Today, RS Medical’s wearables perform better than ever, as the company is continuously working to improve the performance of its wearable garments.

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The unique RS-LBG™ Low Back Garment is an adjustable, belt-like garment that allows electrotherapy patients to position stimulator pads on the lower back and hips without help.

The garment is made with sturdy, washable stretch fabric, and incorporates adjustable side panels to create a close form fit regardless of body size and shape. A single size fits waist sizes 19 to 54 inches, collar sizes 13 to 21 inches.

The RS-FBG is available exclusively from RS Medical and is manufactured for optimal performance with the RS-4i Plus. It accommodates four channels and up to eight pads, so multiple sites can be treated. Pads are reusable and can be removed for garment laundering or replacement.

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RS Medical wearable garments

As part of their goal of continuous improvement, RS Medical collected feedback from thousands of patients as well as healthcare professionals and used it to inform some recent enhancements. According to the company, the new improvements should provide patients with ease of use and healthcare professionals should notice that the wearables improved patient compliance. Changes include:

VELCRO top electrodes increase adherence to garments by 8X and virtually eliminate electrode roll-up during treatment

Electrode placement area is expanded to accommodate fine-tuning of pad placements based upon a patient’s muscle structure and is no long restricted to snap locations only

Grids allow easy reference and communication about pad location

A single pin cable type now used for all treatment applications, with or without wearables

Upgraded zippers on the RS-FBG™ Full Back Garment for enhanced durability

Side panel and size labels simplify how to adjust the RS-FBG Full Back Garment to fit properly

Added binding around the RS-LBG™ Low Back Garment increases durability