Tended Protect: World’s First Intelligent Wearable Personal Safety Device

Tended protect personal safety
Image: Tended

Lincolnshire, England-based startup Tended has opened up pre-orders for its first product, the Tended Protect, the world’s first intelligent personal safety device. It combines a smartphone-connected wrist wearable with advanced sensor technology and artificial intelligence to analyze trends in a user’s movements and detects any abnormalities that would indicate a potential accident. This machine learning technology can detect accidents as soon as they happen and send out a request for immediate assistance.

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General day-to-day activities can and do go wrong, and if these happen remotely with no-one around there is an increased risk of danger. If an accident is detected, or if an individual does not or cannot respond to pre-set check ins, the Tended Protect will automatically send an emergency alert to the user’s nominated emergency contact with GPS location, health and activity information and will open the channel for live audio with the wearer. Alternatively, the wearer can make an SOS call at any time to their trusted contacts by using a pre-set click pattern on the Tended Protect band, says a press release.

Users can receive alerts to their Tended Protect of incoming calls and texts, so they don’t have to stop their activity. The built-in fitness tracker is ideal for those on the move, enabling them to keep track of their steps, calories and distance. Users can also connect to third-party fitness apps for deeper fitness insights.

To automatically detect if a user has been involved in an accident, the Tended Protect combines intelligent safety features such as, a pre-set check in feature, fall and movement detector and SOS call function.

Tended protect personal safety

A user can set their profile to contain all their key medical data such as blood type, allergies, medical history. This information is then readily available to the emergency services.

“We wanted to create something that protected people but was much more than a simple panic button, and with the Tended Protect, we’ve built a wearable device that is so smart it can detect an accident as and when it happens. It can support you for when you’re up a remote mountain away from people or for when you’re simply going about your daily commute,” said Tended founder Leo Scott Smith.

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Smith founded Tended after a personal experience in Nepal during the 2015 earthquakes. He wanted to keep his mother, who was staying in UK, updated on his safety and whereabouts during his aid missions. While in Nepal, Leo received the news that his Mum had fallen off a ladder. Although not seriously injured, it could have been far worse given that no one would have known that the accident took place – the Tended Protect is Leo’s way of making sure this doesn’t happen again, says the press release.

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