The Future of Gesture Interaction – Kinemic Introduces Kinemic Band and Kinemic Gesture SDK

Kinemic Band

Kinemic, a company that develops and sells systems for new forms of human computer interaction, introduced Kinemic Band wearable and Kinemic Gesture SDK, a revolutionary device and software combination for gesture interaction enabling easy, intuitive control and interaction for digital devices, especially augmented reality and smart glasses.

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Developers can utilize Kinemic’s device and software to easily add gesture interaction and motion tracking to their apps and delight their users. The product has already been tested and integrated with several companies during alpha and beta phases and has proven its ease of use and robustness. Both Kinemic Band and Kinemic Gesture SDK (software development kit) will be available for developers starting today (October 18).

“With Kinemic Band, we make wearable-based gesture interaction available for everybody,” said Dr. Christoph Amma, Kinemic’s CEO. “The Band and Gesture SDK will create an entirely new way of interacting with devices and content in a very natural, personal and enjoyable way. For our industrial customers, the ability to control devices handsfree even in demanding environments has brought great improvements in process efficiency and usability.”

Kinemic, with its advanced software, is leading the revolution to enable seamless and intuitive control for digital devices. The company was founded in 2016, and is headquartered in Karlsruhe. It has been honored with a multitude of awards and was designated one of the 100 most innovative places in Germany in 2018. Kinemic is a supplier for major pharmaceutical, automotive, engineering and IT companies.

The Band is made of a Bluetooth-connected sensor in a skin-friendly silicone band. With a battery-life of up to 12 hours, the band works in combination with devices running the Kinemic Gesture SDK. It can pick up the user’s motion data and can last through demanding work shifts.

Kinemic Band

Kinemic Gesture SDK provides 12 predefined gestures, which can be directly mapped to commands. Using simple swipes, users can easily possible to move elements up, down, left or right and with check mark (ü) and cross (û) gestures it’s straightforward to implement accept or deny actions. All gestures can of course be used freely by the individual developer. Gestures are smartly identified by Kinemic’s software and filtered out of the thousands of everyday movements we all make, so there’s no need to press a button or perform other actions.

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Also included in the SDK is Kinemic’s AirMouse technology, which enables motion tracking of the user’s wrist. This can be used in a variety of cases, from controlling mouse movements to manipulating maps, volume levels or sliders and dials in general.

Kinemic has significantly improved the accuracy and detection quality of the software after undergoing extensive testing with pilot customers during the development phase. The software can now robustly prevent false detections during everyday actions.

Kinemic Band, which can be worn under gloves, enables completely mobile workflows thus making it ideally suitable for a broad range of industrial use cases from shop floor to clean room.

Several companies such as Deutsche Bahn, Bitnamic and ioxp, have already equipped their software with Kinemics’ system.

The software is available for Android and has already been deployed on Vuzix’s M300 and RealWear’s HMT-1 smart glasses. One Kinemic Band is already included in the developer edition.