Hayden Cox and Westpac Team Up for ‘Paywear’ Wearable to Streamline Transactions

Hayden Cox PayWear

Hayden Cox, the Australian designer and entrepreneur renowned for award-winning Haydenshapes surfboard designs has joined forces with Australian banking giant, Westpac, to change the way we shop.

Using Westpac’s newly unveiled ‘PayWear’ wearable payment accessories, Westpac customers will soon be able to tap-and-pay hands-free with the wearable that is waterproof and battery-free. The wearable also includes a silicone band and a ‘keeper’ that can be easily attached to an existing watch or fitness band.

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“We began with a conversation around how people are interacting with money and the purpose of the range revolves around simplicity, convenience, multi-use and blending function with design and style,” says Cox. “The opportunity to work with Westpac and be offered the freedom to navigate and shape what is, essentially, an entirely new category launching into the Australian market, and configure how that worked both functionally and visually from a user perspective, was truly a pinch myself moment.”

When Westpac briefed Cox about its intention to expand its PayWear offering and deliver a relevant, multi-purpose product that supports the Australian way of life, Cox identified a number of tangible, everyday objects that could double as payment transaction accessories.

The result is set of wearable accessories – an ideal blend of modern, simplistic, stylish and functional – offering tap-and-go payment anywhere, anytime, reported Vogue.

Hayden Cox PayWear
Westpac PayWear is a debit card shrunken down to a SIM card sized chip, which you can insert into the accessories designed by Hayden Cox (Image: Westpac)

The wearables come in 5 designs, which include:

  • Keychain. A convertible band whose primary function is a keychain that can be disassembled and worn separately as a waterproof and comfortable wristband
  • A Slimline Keeper that you can add to your watch or fitness band
  • Incognito Pin. An ultra-minimal Incognito Pin ‘brooch-like’ set that includes four unique topper options including a black lightning bolt and three half spheres in black, stone and mineral
  • Safety pin. An anti-fashion late 70’s-inspired Nostalgia Pin. Available in black, the Pin attaches to a range of different items from your hat to your sleeve. The silicone card holder sits out of sight and comfortably beneath the fabric with only the modern matte black iron safety pin visible from the exterior.
  • Centsitive Patch. This discreet ‘out of sight’ option can be applied by ironing or sewing it on to the inner fabric surface of a range of different items from your hat to your sleeve.

Each item is available in three colors blush pink, soft grey and black, allowing you to match them to your outfit.

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How does Westpac PayWear Work?

Westpac PayWear is a chip (PayWear Card) linked to your chosen Westpac everyday bank account. The card, which can be inserted into any of the above-mentioned accessories, uses the same contactless technology as the Westpac Debit Mastercard. When you use Westpac PayWear tap-and-pay, the transaction is debited from your chosen Westpac everyday bank account and for purchases over $100 you will be required to enter your PIN.

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