Health Care Originals Announces Partnership with Healthport and Launches New Telemedicine Product at MEDICA 2018

HCO Healthport

Health Care Originals (HCO), a long-term partner of Wearable Technologies, and who recently exhibited at the WT | Wearable Technologies Show at MEDICA, announced its alliance with Healthport. Also, at MEDICA  2018, Dusseldorf, Germany, HCO announced the launch of its telemetry for telemedicine© product. HCO is a leading manufacturer of medical wearables that complement digital heath technology. Their partnership with Healthport equips the company to support the rapidly growing digital health landscape of Australia and New Zealand.

Healthport scours the world to identify pioneering wearable products and proudly works alongside startups or established innovative technology companies. Healthport’s partners are responsible for molding some of the most cutting-edge technological advancements to develop life changing, wearable medical devices that enable greater control and independence for those faced with chronic health conditions. Healthport’s Management team have a long history working within the field of chronic health and are passionate about achieving positive outcomes for patients, said a press release.

“The team at HCO were impressed by Healthport and their alignment not only around improved patient outcomes, but also the progression of healthcare monitoring from an office setting to the home. This transition to consumer-focused healthcare, wherein we provide consumers with the right information at the right time to positively impact and control their healthcare outcomes, is central to our view of the future of healthcare. The Healthport team had previous experience and a history of excellent execution in the delivery of technology and services that successfully bridged that gap and this made us very comfortable that they are the right partner for us,” said Jared Dwarika, Co-Founder of HCO.

HCO Healthport
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While discussing the decision to develop the new product at MEDICA  2018, the HCO team indicated that although drivers for implementing telemedicine are well understood, it was surprising to find that for a practice that is more than 40 years old, not enough has been done to move it past a very good video conference  call,  with  a  discussion  around  symptoms,  and  very  little  emphasis  or  access  to  objective  symptom data that a physician may use during a visit i.e. the core data that a physician uses at the start of diagnosing the condition.

HCO’s small, comfortable form factor device lends itself to easy adoption, presenting less hurdles to the patient.  At the same time, their ability to transmit respiration, heart information, skin temperature, coughing and wheezing in real time to the telemedicine practitioner allows for an unparalleled, enhanced experience – the closest thing to being in the physician’s office.