The 5 Best Fitness Trackers for Children

Kids fitness trackers

Fitness trackers aren’t only for adults who are trying to get in shape. With childhood obesity on the rise and a third of children overweight or obese, an increasing number of wearable devices offer children to abandon their sedentary lifestyle and start moving. In addition to tracking kids’ health and fitness, the GPS in these devices keep children safe and allow parents to know where their children are. Here I’ve gathered 5 best fitness trackers for kids.

  1. Fitbit Ace

Ace has given kids their own Fitbit. The wearable that resembles Alta, is specifically designed for kids 8 and older.

The battery lasts pretty well, averaging at about five days of continuous activity. Recharging is simple; just plug it into a USB port and wait about two to three hours.

The device is super lightweight and showerproof. It automatically tracks steps, active minutes, sleep and provides encouragement to be active.

Using the OLED tap display, kids can see their progress in real time. This fitness tracker offers rewards for moving with celebratory messages and fun, collectible badges.

  1. Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2

Garmin’s second gen in kid’s fitness tracker works similarly to the adult version Vivofit 4 or the Vivosport. The waterproof fitness tracker counts steps, track active minutes and monitor sleep.

It is actually more than just a fitness tracker, it provides kids with an interactive experience where they unlock adventure, shaping habits for lifelong health and fitness through their activity.

Vivofit Jr. 2 is branded with Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney themes. Each tracker features a unique themed band and watch face. Using a comic-book style Spider-Verse app, kids can look forward to crushing activity minute goals to unlock new adventures, gems, games and step icons.

Kids fitness trackers
Image: Garmin
  1. Wanderwatch

Wanderwatch is a smartwatch for kids that encourages kids to play outdoors. With many children occupied with playing video games, outdoor play is essential to maintain a healthy life and deter obesity. Wanderwatch comes with a touchscreen, interactive outdoor games, sounds, chat and music.

The magic beacon interacts with Wanderwatch and acts like a treasure that needs to be discovered by kids.

It has GPS tracker and comes with a parents’ app that shows their kid’s location enables them to communicate with them easily.

  1. UNICEF Kid Power Band

UNICEF’s first ever foray into hardware, the UNICEF Kid Power Band is lot more than a fitness tracker that’s promoting the charity.

Using the tracker, children can help poor and less fortunate children around the globe. Parents buy missions and for each mission a child completes, a parcel of food for undernourished kids is created in other parts of the world. Then the child moves on to the next level.

The fitness tracker also tracks steps and activity levels.

  1. LeapFrog LeapBand

Aimed at kids 4 to 7, the LeapFrog LeapBand is the chunkiest fitness tracker on this list but it’s also one of the most feature-packed. The LeapBand turns active physical play and healthy eating habits into a game with a bunch of appealing virtual rewards.

This is more than just a fitness tracker. It offers a virtual pet that, which children can play with and nurture. To keep their pet happy, children must feed them healthy food and keep active.

Children earn rewards by taking part in activities like muscle and bone strengthening activities and cardiovascular activities. They spend these rewards on their virtual pet.

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