BioSerenity Helping Epilepsy Patients by Diagnosing the Condition Earlier

BioSerenity Epilepsy diagnosis

Hopital De La Salpetriere in Paris is home to the renowned brain and spine institute. Here, Pierre-Yves Frouin and a young team of startup BioSerenity are pushing the boundaries of wearable health solutions.

“We are developing ambulatory mobile solutions for the diagnosis and monitoring of patients. We started in epilepsy and we’re now expanding in different pathology,” says Frouin who’s also the Founder & CEO of BioSerenity.

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BioSerenity solutions combine wearable textiles with embedded sensors, mobile technology and a cloud-based solution for doctors to remotely access data.

“As we’re recording a lot of data we want to make sure there’s a solution to help parse this data and identify anomalies as fast as possible,” says Frouin.

Their first product, called Neuronaute system revolutionizes the treatment of epilepsy patients. One of the big challenges in epilepsy treatment is the time it takes to stabilize a patient. Frouin says 70% of the patients can be stabilized with an existing pharmaceutical treatment. However, sometimes it takes months or years for that patient to be stabilized. And one of the reasons is that data in the diagnosis phase is simply not available.

BioSerenity Epilepsy diagnosis
One of the big challenges in epilepsy treatment is the time it takes to stabilize a patient.

With the Neuronaute, data can be recorded remotely over a longer period of time. “We hope that this data will help the diagnosis be reduced from years to just weeks,” said Frouin.

In Troyes, two hours south of Paris, BioSerenity operates its factory for the production of smart textiles with innovative techniques. The factory uses 3-D knitting machines, and the sensors are directly knitted inside the fabrics, so there’s a seamless integration of the sensor and the supporting fabric.

The company is growing fast and looking to acquire new talent, but at the same time it needs to meet strict regulations of the healthcare sector. To avoid being slowed down in its expansion, BioSerenity turned to SAP for support.

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“We really need to have the best practice in place, and by having implemented SAP Business ByDesign at an early stage of the company it really helps us have these best practices in place,” Frouin said.

Already, the company is working to build prototypes for other chronic conditions like cardiovascular diseases, pregnancy monitoring and sleeping disorders.

“[Our] Purpose is very clear, it’s to help as many patients as possible,” concludes Frouin.

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