This Smart Bracelet Uses Your Heartbeat to Authenticate Access

Keyband authentication
Image: Keyband

Biometric identification is a common practice nowadays. From fingerprints to retina, biometric authentication is widely used to allow access to personal data.

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Now, imagine a world where your heartbeat is the key to your identity, and you never have to remember a username or password ever again. No posted notes on our desk, no notepad on your phone, no resetting your password or having to remember the name of your childhood pet. Keyband is a smart wristband that uses your biometric signature to prove identity, sign transactions and provide access in a secured and effortless way.

Keyband uses electrocardiogram (ECG) to continuously authenticate access to devices and accounts. Wireless communication between Keyband and connected devices follows a secure standard that was declassified by the Australian Department of Defense.

Keyband authentication

Keyband will make accessing Web 3.0 as easy and automatic as having a pulse so you can take control of your identity, security, and finances. Pairing your heartbeat signature with your fingerprint makes Keyband 5x more secure than FaceID.

Keyband creates safe, frictionless, and secure ways for people to manage their personal data. The company was launched in 2018 by four experts with complementary backgrounds spanning military cybersecurity to human experience design, industrial design, and mobile development. Among them was the idea of creating simple security solutions for users around, and beyond, blockchain applications.

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In the near future, this innovative device will make getting through TSA is as simple as waving to the officer as you walk by. You’ll be able to enter any hospital and effortlessly share privileged access to your personal medical history. “Voting will occur from the comfort of your home while watching real-time election results. Safe banking tools will be enabled for the billions of people in developing nations who are financially excluded and underserved. All of this will be made possible with Keyband,” said the company.

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