WTEU19: These Companies Want to Revolutionize Healthcare with Their Smart Wearables

Healthcare wearables WTEU19

With the advancement in technology, healtcare now has more access to patient data. Simple wearables like Fitbits to FDA-approved Medtronic devices are all helping doctors understand patient behaviors in order to improve care. At this year’s WT | Wearable Technologies Conference & Exhibition at ISPO Munich on Feb 3-6, the companies listed below will be showcasing their wearable devices for health:

AiQ Smart Clothing Inc. is considered a pioneer in the Smart Clothes industry. Their philosophy on Smart Clothing is “Smart Inside Out”, which defines the perfectly seamless integration of technology and apparel. By taking a unique architectural approach, AiQ is working to accelerate the development of a wide variety of smart clothes focused at different slices of human life – play, work, entertain & stay healthy. AiQ’s innovations are backed by over two hundred patents. AiQ believes that clothes are the universal wearables and making them smarter to enrich everyday experiences is a natural progression of technology.

Bonbouton is a technology platform for preventative diabetic health care. Their first product, a smart insole with a proprietary embedded graphene sensing system, passively monitors the skin’s physiological signals in order to detect early signs of foot ulcers. The smart insoles sync with their mobile app to continuously monitor foot temperature to provide an early view of developing foot ulcers.This simplifies patient self-monitoring, significantly reduce the cost of care and facilitate better patient outcomes.

CareWear® has developed a wearable photobiomodulation therapy system using blue and red light to decrease pain and accelerate recovery from athletic activity and injury. Their solution is a wearable system with a reusable light patch that can be used pre-training, post-training, or post-injury anywhere: training room, traveling, or home. Just stick the light patch on the treatment site, attach the rechargeable controller, click to start and go! The product is an FDA class II over-the-counter device and can be sold without a prescription.


Datwyler Sealing Solutions Datwyler is a leading industrial supplier and a key player in the healthcare world. With their medical solutions, they are aiming to create a safer and improved medical environment of tomorrow. Datwyler’s soft dry electrodes are the compnay’s proposition for long-term EEG monitoring. They consist of a flexible conductive polymer and customizable design to ensure comfort. Partnering up with the world’s top pharmaceutical and medical companies, Datwyler stands by their mission to ensure patient safety and improve patients’ lives.

VitaScale has successfully developed the worldwide first wearable breath analysis device that can quickly and conveniently measure gas components in a person’s breath. With the end consumer ready hard and software (App) of vitascale™ the golden standard in sports medicine becomes available for everybody. This innovative and patented headset system provides real-time performance and metabolism measurement, to optimize a person’s health based on breathing gas composition.

Meet those companies at the WT | Wearable Technologies Joint Pavilion at ISPO Munich in hall C6, booth 706 on Feb 3-6!

The co-located WT | Wearable Technologies Conference will take place on February 5-6 and will once again be THE meeting point for global professionals of the entire wearable ecosystem. This year for the first time the event will be a more integral part of ISPO tradeshow located in the brand new innovation hall C6 of Messe Munich More than 60 high-level speakers coming from Bayer, Odlo, Casio, Gore, Microsoft and STMicroelectronics will give you the latest insights into their applications and digitalization strategies via IoT and WT solutions and drive your business development. The unique agenda is covering the latest trends and developments of the tremendously growing wearables market.

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