Ellcie’s Smartglasses Prevent Car Crashes by Detecting if You’re Falling Asleep

Ellcie smartglasses
Image: Ellcie Healthy

People who work long hours or commute long-distances are at a greater risk of falling asleep behind the wheels. One-third of auto accidents occur due to fatigued driver, who doze off while driving. More than 6,000 tired driver crashes each year result in at least one death. In 2010, there were an estimated 5,419,000 crashes, killing 32,999 in the United States.

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Ellcie Healthy, a French health tech startup has developed smartglasses that can determine whether the wearer is falling asleep. The glasses, infused with artificial intelligence, feature 15 sensors designed to determine whether the wearer is falling asleep. It can detect a number of different factors, including eye blinks, head nods, and even yawns.

When the system detects one of the above, it sends an alert telling you just how sleepy you are. The alert involves combination of flashes on the side of the eyes or a buzzing sound, depending on your level of fatigue and sleepiness.

smart glasses
Image: Ellcie Healthy

The glasses can also be connected to a smart device like a phone or tablet, and can also work independent of them.

The Smartglasses are pretty light and is also compatible with correcting lenses.

“It will evolve, thanks to software updates, and you will be able to benefit from new features with the same connected eyewear you purchased,” the company says. Applications such as fall detection can be extended in the future.

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At present, the glasses are only available in France, priced at around $250. The company is looking to expand to additional markets.

Ellcie Healthy was founded by Philippe Peyrard. It received the Road Safety Innovation Award in 2018 and its eyewear was featured in the CES 2019.

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