onTracks makes it easier for you to get guidance on new routes

onTracks is developing the GuideWatches the first multi-use connected navigation-system which put humans back at the center of experience. Who hasn’t wanted to roam around an area on a bike or explore a city while jogging? But at every intersection, you wonder whether you should turn left or right. You take out your map or phone to figure out where you are, try to remember the intersections, lose your way… It’s complicated!

With onTracks, you’ll no longer have to go looking for information; the information will come to you, intuitively. All you need is a smartphone and two connected watches. When you need to turn right, your right GuideWatch vibrates, and when you need to turn left, it’s the one on the left that vibrates! You won’t need to look down at your screen, search on a map, or take your smartphone out of your pocket anymore: just let the vibrations guide you!

onTracks is a winner of the 10th IOT / WT Innovation World Cup® in the category of Sports & Fitness. 28 international wearable tech and IoT innovators were part of the thrilling finals on February 5th at the 33rd WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2019 in Munich. Selected out of more than 500 submissions from over 45 countries by the international expert jury, they are the top techpreneurs to watch out for in 2019.

Do you want to participate in the next edition, the 11th Innovation World Cup® Series? The registration is already open, and solutions can be submitted for free at www.innovationworldcup.com